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Alessandro Mendini

In the 1970s Alessandro Mendini played a key role in the Italian Radical Design movement: a movement which sought to break with the functionalist tradition in architecture and design. In this context, Mendini developed his very own design process, which he called re-design: he took existing objects - partly already established design classics of the modern age such as, for example, the Wassily Chair - and transformed them through the use of new colours and abstracted forms: something particularly notable with his 1985 table Macaone for Zanotta which he freed from its purely functionalist logic, adding refreshing impulses of colour. Through his design studio, and as editor-in-chief of three magazines, Alessandro Mendini has always offered innovative, original and radical comment in addition to his furniture design.

Designer Alessandro Mendini

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...In the same year Sottsass and Branzi were invited to join Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandro Mendini in their post-modern Alchimia collective; however, fundamental differences between Sottsass and Mendini as to the direction the group should take caused Sottsass to leave in 1980 and subsequently establish Memphis with a group of like minded individuals...

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