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Lars Beller Fjetland

Lars Beller Fjetland belongs to the new generation of designers arguing the case for recycling and sustainability. Having grown up on the west coast of Norway, Lars learned from an early age to appreciate the beauty of nature and is committed to combining natural materials with modern design. Even before graduating from the National Academy of Art & Design in Bergen he founded his own studio in 2011 and has enjoyed encouraging early success. The basis for his designs are two-fold: on the one hand, the quality of the material, because only through quality materials can genuine timeless objects arise, and on the other, functionality. Wood and cork, especially in connection with metal, are therefore the undisputed favourite materials of Fjetland, which is also evident in his Drifted Chair for Hem. With the aim of fully utilising natural resources, waste products are brought to life again.

Designer Lars Beller Fjetland