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Simon Karkov

Simon Karkov completed his architectural studies at the Danish Academy of Architecture, worked for various Danish architectural firms since the 1960s, and was especially active for the municipal administration in the Frederiksberg suburb of Copenhagen; designing, amongst other works, the hospital and secondary school. Karkov is also a designer, or in his words, "Whenever I have an idea, I make a drawing, which then becomes a model. This model is then adapted over time until the final prototype can be made. I dream of developing new ways of designing self-assembly furniture and larger objects. The idea that this concept could work on a larger scale fascinates me." One result of this process is the pendant lamp Norm 69, consisting of 69 parts, which remained undiscovered for a long time, but has been produced by Normann Copenhagen since 2002. The design was awarded the Formlandprisen 2002 as well as the best item at the IMM Cologne 2003. Today, Simon Karkov spends his retirement in Turkey, but still works on various projects.