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Ulrich Böhme

Born in Rostock, Ulrich Böhme studied architecture in Stuttgart and later worked in various architectural offices in Hanover, Zurich and Stuttgart, where he also worked in the city's planning department. Since 1971, the focus of Ulrich Böhme's design activities has been furniture design. In 1984 he developed the popular chair programme S 320, by now an established classic, for the company Thonet in cooperation with designer Wulf Schneider. In March 1989, Böhme was appointed professor of drawing, design, and methodology at the Coburg Fachhochschule, where he taught until 2001. Since then he has been working as a freelance designer in Stuttgart. In the course of his career, Ulrich Böhme received numerous awards, including the coveted Product Design Award 1990.

Designer Ulrich Böhme