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Series 7 Bar Stool 3187/3197
Objects Pouf - Limited Edition
Special Edition
Objects Pouf
Egg Footstool

Stools from Fritz Hansen

The Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen has been active for 150 years and in the course of the 20th century made a name for itself internationally, especially with designs by some of the leading creative forces of the modern age. Seating furniture of all genres remains one of the most important components of the Fritz Hansen portfolio, with designs such as the Ant chair 3101 by Arne Jacobsen defining contemporary design history. In addition to armchairs and chairs, Fritz Hansen also produce stools that can be ideally used as additional seating. For example, the Series 7 barstool from Arne Jacobsen's Series 7, which features different chair types all with the characteristic Series 7 seat shell. The Fritz Hansen Egg Footstool was developed as a supplement to the legendary Egg Chair, but also works separately as a comfortable stool. Among the most recent stool design are the Objects Pouf by the Danish designer Cecilie Manz, the high-quality seat cushions are not only intended as additional seating options, but, and as the name suggests, objects which should provide a decorative accents in any home space.

The timeless series 7 barstool 3187 by Fritz Hansen

The Pouf stool matching the Egg Chair anniversary edition