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MAXintheBOX Single
MAXintheBOX Duo
MAXintheBOX Single, Module 2, Green
MAXintheBOX Duo, Light blue
MAXintheBOX Single, Module 1, White
MAXintheBOX Duo, Natural
MAXintheBOX Single, Module 2, Light blue
MAXintheBOX Single, Module 1, Natural
MAXintheBOX Single, Module 2, Natural
MAXintheBOX Duo, White
MAXintheBOX Single, Module 1, Pink
MAXintheBOX Single, Module 1, Light blue

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Perludi Kid's Furniture

Furniture from Perludi

The Graz furniture manufacturer Perludi creates "Great design for small people". At the centre of Perludi designs is always the development value of the objects, the Perludi designers focusing on creating children's furniture with interactive value and thus extend the function of furniture into the educational. And fun. This principle is particularly evident in MAXintheBOX: a seat and a table, crate and toy in one. With such child-friendly and high-quality furniture, Perludi accompanies and supports the development of the cognitive abilities of our beloved little ones.

Perludi children's furniture MAXintheBOX

Perludi educational furniture

Perludi furniture for children

MAXintheBOX Single from Perludi

Perludi wooden furniture for kids

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Perludi.

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Milan 2012: kidsroomZOOM! We Never Give Up!

...Two years ago I met Thomas Maitz from Perludi and we created a small kidsroomZOOM exhibition, from which the project has grown...

Vienna Design Week: kidsroomZOOM

...Curated by Paola Noè from Gallery Unduetrestella Milan and Thomas Maitz from Austrian kids furniture producer Perludi, kidsroomZOOM was a delightful, turn of the century, downtown Vienna flat furnished especially for kids... Aside from old favourites such as MAXintheBOX by Perludi or Duck by Rijada, we were especially taken by the two bright, foam furniture/building block products Tukluk and Kubix...

Designers' Open 2010: Perludi

...At Designers' Open 2009 (smow) first discovered Austrian producer Perludi, who were making their first appearance in Leipzig... And obviously Designers' Open 2009 was generally a good one for Perludi, because they came back to Leipzig for Designers' Open 2010...

new at (smow): MAXintheBOX from perludi

We know. We know. It looks like our MAXintheBOX designersopen post was simply advertising for (smow) Yet ironically it wasn't. We were at the designersopen press launch on the Friday- and the (smow)boss was there on the Saturday. And by the time we saw the...

Designers' Open 2009: MAXintheBOX from Perludi

...After several months searching we finally got our hands on MAXintheBOX from Graz based producer Perludi... Perludi only produce designer furniture goods for children, only produce from wood and felt and always place the needs and demands of children at the centre of their work...

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