Lounge Chair White Ottoman

by Charles & Ray Eames, 1956 1.806,00 €
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The Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman are a modern interpretation of the traditional English club chair. In collaboration with the Eames estate and Hella Jongerius Vitra, has now produced this 'light' version of the lounge chair; distinguished by its comfort and high quality
  • Companion piece to Ottoman Lounge Chair
  • Seat constructed from plywood
  • Shell in white pigmented walnut
  • Removable covers
  • Covers in leather premium, snow white


Dimensions Lounge Chair white

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(smow) blog Design Calendar: 31st January 1961 - Charles Eames Granted Patent for a Side Flexing Shock Mount

... In this specific case Charles Eames had a problem combining the seat and backrest of his Lounge Chair in such a manner that the backrest was free to move with the sitter's body and so provide increased support and comfort. Charles Eames had previously ... And so invention was required. With the Side Flexing Shock Mount the functionality comes through "an elongated block of resilient material having an elongated rigid member or insert secured...

Monsieur Montebourg and his Eames Lounge Chair

... Indeed the online platform from German magazine Der Spiegel illustrated the publication of the Declarations with an image of an Eames Lounge Chair in one its first reports! While the fascination with Monsieur Montebourg and his Eames Lounge Chair is ... Yes, an object such as an Eames Lounge Chair may cost more than most people would normally consider paying for a piece of furniture. However do a cost:lifetime analysis and it suddenly doesn't...

Wasserschloss Klaffenbach Chemnitz: Eames by Vitra

... There are also enough Eames Elephants on show to consider starting a Wasserschloss Klaffenbach Safari Park. If we did have one complaint - we know, we know, what is the chances of us having a complaint! Imagine! Us! Complaints!!! - it would be that the first...

VitraHaus - Èt År: Et Interview med Eckart Maise

... smow(blog): En yderlige udvidelse af Vitra Campus er Vitra Atelier. I øjeblikket kan man se, hvordan en Eames Lounge Chair er konstrueret, har du tænkt dig at udvide konceptet? Eckart Maise: I princippet er det et fleksibelt koncept, men i øjeblikket ... Kunderne har også mulighed for at se, hvordan deres egen Lounge Chair er opbygget. De kan for eksempel komme til VitraHaus om morgenen, se hvordan den konstrueres, og tage den med hjem om...

One Year VitraHaus: An Interview with Eckart Maise

... (smow)blog: A further extension of the Vitra Campus is the Vitra Atelier. At the moment one can watch how an Eames Lounge Chair is constructed, do you plan to extend the concept? Eckart Maise: In principle it is a flexible concept, but at the moment it ... Also customers have the option to watch how their own Lounge Chair is constructed. They can for example come to the VitraHaus in the morning, place and order, watch how it is constructed and then...

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