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Ulmer Hocker

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Max Bill designed the Ulmer Hocker in collaboration with Hans Gugelot in 1954 as a seat for the students at the newly-established Ulm College of Design. Today Swiss manufacturer 'wb form' continues to offer this design icon as part of their exclusive Max Bill collection.

  • Stool / Side table / Shelving unit by Max Bill
  • Spruce and beech wood, unlacquered
  • With signature of Max Bill
  • Find the fitting seat cushion here
  • Dimensions: H 44 × W 39,5 × D 29,5 cm


Max Bill designed Ulmer Hocker in collaboration with Hans Gugelot as a seat for the students at the newly- established Ulm College of Design. Light and robust, it has many uses - as a seat, a side table or a shelving element, as a transport container, serving tray or table attachment.

Dimensions Ulmer Hocker

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