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Rotor Side Table

by Luciano Bertoncini, 2002 — 1.514,00 €
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1.514,00 € *
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In its dormant state the Rotor coffee table consists of five square plates superimposed upon each other in the form of a simple cuboid. Awoken, the three internal plates can be folded out fan-like, through 360 degrees. Thus through this rotation of the Kristalia Rotor table offers a wide variety of possible shapes and sizes.


Product type Sofa table

(1) Height: 31 cm
(2) Width: 63 - 105 cm
(3) Depth: 63 - 105 cm
Material MDF with laminate or oak / ebony veneer
Colours Wood

Function & properties Upper and lower plates are fixed

The three middle plates are each rotatable through 360 °
Product presentation
Care To clean the wood surfaces a soft, damp, cloth and a mild, non-abrasive detergent are recommended.
Warranty 24 months
Product datasheet Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 0,1 MB).

Popular versions

Rotor Side Table, Ebony
Rotor Side Table, Wengé stained Oak

Design Story

The Design

Amongst the myriad of coffee and sofa tables available, the Kristalia Rotor Table is unique in terms of flexibility. Comprising five square plates, of which the three can be rotated through 360 degrees, the Rotor Table's intelligent design makes it possible to vary the shape of the object and so change the nature of the coffee table. From its basic, minimalist cube form the Kristalia Rotor Table can be folded like a fan and so take various forms. Designer Luciano Bertoncini describes his work as follows: "I have designed a side table, which is simple in form, but versatile in use." Produced by Kristalia since 2002 the Rotor Table is available in a variety of materials and colours.

Kristalia's Rotor coffee table in its square shape.


The designer of the Rotor Table, Luciano Bertoncini, is considered one of the most important, though sometimes underrated, protagonists of modern Italian design. Born in 1939 in Feltre, he first studied mechanical drawing, before moving to Treviso where he began working in the offices of architectural firm Vittorio Rossi, and where he gained his first experience in the fields of architecture and design. At that time his first furniture designs, such as, for example, the bed Zaterra, were ahead of their time in terms of their reduced, minimalist design. An important milestone in Bertoncini's career was the collaboration with the designer Joe Colombo: at the time art director at Elco, Colombo took Bertoncini's Gronda clothes rack into the company's portfolio. When Colombo unexpectedly died, Bertoncini overtook the last phase of the implementation of the MoMA New York exhibition "Italy: The new domestic landscape". In addition Bertoncini has developed various architecture and design projects in his own office in Treviso. For Kristalia Bertoncini has designed, in addition to the Rotor table, the mirror cabinet Box and the table Think k.

Luciano Bertoncini: Designer of the Rotor Table

The many possibilities of the Rotor Table


Designed in 2002 by Luciano Bertoncini for the Italian furniture company Kristalia, the Rotor sofa table is available with table tops in a range of different colours laminates, as well as oak and ebony. In addition, the table is available in either a matt and glossy varnished surfaces, again in a range of colours. The production of the Kristalia coffee table Rotor takes place exclusively in Italy and in cooperation with local partners. Each production stage is accompanied by strict quality controls and Kristalia ensure that all suppliers and contractors adhere to high environmental standards. In terms of sustainability Kristalia always tries to ensure all production processes are as environmentally friendly as possible and, for example, primarily work with renewable materials. In addition: the mix of intelligent designs and high-quality materials guarantees Kristalia products' longevity, thus saving resources, energy and unnecessary waste. In addition to the Rotor Table Kristalia produces many more tables including, for example, the futuristic Mobius side table or the dining table Sushi.

Kristalia Rotor Table


Based in Northern Italy Kristalia contributes with its current and innovative designs to the continuation of the Italian furniture design tradition. Established in 1994, the company quickly made a name for itself and today stands together with manufacturers such as Zanotta, Foscarini and Moroso at the forefront of contemporary Italian furniture design. The unconventional designs favoured by Kristalia often require a lot of experimentation in the development from prototype to marketable product and more often than not absorb and adapt techniques from completely different areas such as the fashion or automotive industries. With a roster mainly of Italian, but also international designers such as Christophe Pillet and Neuland Industriedesign Kristalia furniture is characterized by functionality, reduction, and often by a certain formal strictness - something especially visible in the Rotor coffee table.

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