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Nils Holger Moormann


by Carmen Buttjer, 2013 — from 1.155,00 €
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1.155,00 € *
available within 3-4 weeks
3% advance payment discount*: 1.120,35 € (Save 34,65 €)

With the bed Tagedieb Moormann offer another tool-free piece of furniture whose trump is its simplicity. Designed in 2013 by the then student Carmen Buttjer, Tagedieb is constructed according to a "plug and play" principle with steel brackets and has an adjustable headboard for bespoke comfort.


Product type Bed

Dimensions frame:
(1) Width:
94,7 - 204,7 cm
(2) Length:
Version 200: 207,8 cm (vertical headboard) / 213,4 cm (inclined headboard)
Version 220: 227,8 cm (vertical headboard) / 233,4 cm (inclined headboard)
(3) height:
Without headboard: 40,6 cm
With headboard: 81,5 cm

Dimensions mattress:
Width: 90 - 200 cm
Length: 200 or 220 cm
Material Frame: FU (birch plywood), 18 mm thick
Brackets: steel, anthracite or light grey powder coated
Slatted base supports: Aluminium
Rollable slatted base: solid wood untreated with webbing

Please note:
The manufacturer has changed the bracket colours in 2020. The versions with the designation of the brackets "steel, powder-coated" are discontinued articles and are only available in limited quantities:
Tagedieb white (staples: stone grey)
Tagedieb black (brackets: umbra grey)

Attention: FU (Plywood, birch) is a high-quality, industrially produced multi-layer product with a protective film covering. Variations in colour and structure in addition to small scratches are always possible!
Colours FU plywood
FU weiß
FU schwarz
Function & properties Tool-free assembly - using clamps the individual components are simply connected

Headboard can be mounted vertically or inclined (15 °)

Depth between mattress support and frame edge variable from 8.7 to 16.6 cm
Delivery includes 1 bed
Optionally available with headboard
Optionally available with rollable slatted base
Mattress and bedding not included
Accessories Tagedieb Shelf available separately
Care Light, superficial, dirt on the untreated edges can be removed using a fine abrasive paper. The surface can be simply wiped with a soft cloth.
If necessary, use lukewarm water with a small amount of dish-washing liquid.
Sustainability The sustainability of Moormann products results from the use of natural materials and their processing into durable, often modular products, with room for adjustment. By dispensing with fixed connections. In terms of transport and distribution a special focus is placed on small pack sizes and the use of recycled/recyclable packaging material. Around 90% of Moormann production is carried out by regional suppliers.
Warranty 24 months
Datasheet Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 360 KB).

Popular versions


Should the answers to your questions not be found here, our service team can be contacted Mon-Fri, 8 am to 6 pm via +49 341 2222 88 22.

What tools do I need to assemble my Tagedieb?

None! The Tagedieb is based on a halved joint construction principle which allow sit to be assembled without tools.

Do I have to order the Moormann slatted mattress support?

No. The optional Moormann slatted mattress support can be ordered, however any other mattress support can also be used. The depth between mattress support and frame edge is variable from 8.7 to 16.6 cm. For beds up to 1.40 m wide Moormann deliver one slatted mattress support, for Siebenschläfer beds 1.60 and wider two slatted mattress supports are required.

Why does the Tagedieb surface occasionally show inconsistencies?

Film protected FU (plywood, birch) is a high value industrially produced material. The film coating process can lead to visible alteration sin colour, structure and/or small scratches. In addition in the internal construction elements, for example, central support or slatted mattress support physical features such as knots and knot holes may be present. These are normal and in no way affect the quality of the wood or the physical stability of the object.

Design Story

The Design

With furniture designs such as the bed Siebenschläfer or the shelving system FNP the manufacturer Nils Holger Moormann has established a portfolio which is characterized by minimalist design and functional, innovative design ideas. Moormann furniture offers intelligent design solutions and can generally be assembled without tools: characteristics also applicable to the bed Tagedieb from Carmen Buttjer which Moormann added to their programme in 2013. Tagedieb is constructed with the help of four bracket clamps, which are color-matched to the Tagedieb bed, and attached at the corners. The optional Tagedieb headboard can be mounted either vertically or inclined and just as with the height adjustable mattress support, perfectly responds to the Moormann's concept of flexibility.

Moormann Tagedieb bed


Born in 1988 near Cologne, Carmen Buttjer is one of the youngest designers in the Moormann roster and indeed she only graduated in 2013, the same year in which her bed Tagedieb was added to the Nils Holger Moormann programme. During her studies in Kassel Carmen Buttjer gained practical experience as an intern with the Berlin based designer Judith Seng . The focus of Carmen Buttjer's work is less a form that is based on purely functional aspects, but rather with the interaction between man and object. Formal decisions are therefore always made with regard to questions of identity and emotion of the people.

In the Moormann hotel Berge one can relax in Tagedieb. Here in the version with the inclined headboard.

The elements of the Tagedieb bed are assembled and fixed by steel brackets.


The production of Nils Holger Moormann furniture is carried out by smaller and medium sized companies, largely based the company headquarters in Aschau and who frequently have collaborated with which Moormann for many years. Thus Moormann actively promotes regional structures and integrates the expertise of different professions into the production processes. In many cases, the suppliers are also involved in the development of the first prototypes, working together with the designers on questions of how to best implement the designs for serial production. The choice of materials is based on the practicability and on questions of environmental responsibility. Moormann works primarily with natural, sustainable materials. All woods, for example, are FSC certified and come from sustainably managed European forests. The Tagedieb is produced in two variants, white and black birch plywood with clips of powdered steel. A slatted frame and headboard are optionally available.

Carmen Buttjer designed the bed Tagedieb during her studies


Nils Holger Moormann originally studied law; however, at the beginning of the 1980s he quit his studies to focus instead on producing furniture designs by young, still unknown designers. Over the years Moormann has grown to become one of the most successful companies in the industry: a position largely achieved thanks to the clean lines and unique features of the company's portfolio, such as the regional focus and targeted promotion of young talent. Established in 1992 in Aschau im Chiemgau Nils Holger Moormann also operate a hotel which mixes the charm of Moormann furniture with an organic lifestyle. Featuring almost exclusively with Moormann furniture Berge offers Alpine views, green electricity and organic products and is not only a relaxing holiday destination, but also provides a good insight into Moormann's world - and is an excellent location in which to test Tagedieb.


Siebenschläfer/Tagedieb Shelf

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