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AJ Standing Lamp
PH 5 Contemporary
PH 50
PH 5 Classic
PH 3/2 Table Lamp
NJP Table Lamp
PH 3½-2½ Copper Floor Lamp Limited Edition
Special Edition
PH 3/2 Pendant Lamp
PH 3½-2½ Table Lamp
PH 2/1 Table Lamp
PH 3½-3 Pendant Lamp
Cirque Pendant Lamp
Toldbod 120 Duo Pendant Lamp
Panthella Table Lamp
Panthella Mini Table Lamp
AJ Table Lamp
LC Shutters white
VL38 Floor Lamp
NJP Floor Lamp
NJP Long Wall Light
VL38 Table Lamp
VL45 Radiohus Pendant Lamp
NJP Short Wall Light
Collage 450 Pendant Lamp
VL38 Wall Light
AJ Wall lamp
PH 4/3 Pendant Lamp
PH Artichoke
Panthella Standing Lamp
LC Shutters multicoloured
PH 5 Mini
Yuh Floor Lamp
Yuh Table Lamp
Enigma 425

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smow Blog Design Calender: February 24th 1893 – Happy Birthday Christian Dell!

The German designer and silversmith Christian Dell is arguably best known for the numerous lighting designs he realised during the 1920s and 1930s. Christian Dell was however also one of the pioneers of plastic design. If all too briefly. Born in Offenbach am...

smow blog compact: Ursa by McKenzie & Keim

Being principally an office furniture fair NeoCon doesn't really attract "fringe events" the way home furnishing focussed trade fairs do; office furniture, allegedly, lacking much of the flair, emotion and excitement of its domestic relatives. In the past...

Heimat Lamp by Birgit Severin and Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo

The question as to what "home" means has never been an easy one to answer, and in our global age of networked, anonymous, communities, our age of refugees and migrant workers, our age of abstract "Homeland Security" agencies, the question has in many ways...

Light + Building Frankfurt 2016: High Five!

As the name implies the Light + Building Trade Fair in Frankfurt is largely about architectural lighting rather than domestic lighting or office lighting; were it largely about the later it would be called "Light  +  Living" or "Light + Working" It's called...

Lost Furniture Design Classics: Rondella Lamp by Christian Dell

In his Letter of Reference for Christian Dell on the occasion of his departure from the Kunsthochschule Frankfurt, the school's Director Fritz Wichert wrote: "...highly distinguished as college lecturer, silversmith and as an inventor and designer for the...

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