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LC4 Chaise Longue
Nelson Bench
LC4 Chaise Longue Pampas Edition
Special Edition
Skagen Bench
Steamer Deck Chair
Correlations Bench
Palissade Lounge Sofa
CHILLit Cobana Outdoor
Luxembourg Bench with Backrest
Palissade Bench
Kampenwand Bench With Backrest
Bench 153
Kampenwand Bench
Luxembourg Bench/Table
Barcelona Day Bed
Riviera Sunbed
La Chaise
MVS Chaise
Florence Knoll Bench
Morrison Bench
Riviera Lounge
MR Chaise lounge with armrests
Sambito Hammock
Palissade Dining Bench
Kiila Bench
Overlap Bench
Ludwig Bench
Turn Daybed
Ludwig cushion
USM Haller Clothes Rack/Bench

The all-round talents: Loungers & Benches

Benches and loungers are seating, which have very specific functions and, above all, also play an important role outdoors. Sun loungers, for example, include not only the classic chaise longues, where you can rest or settle to sleep during the day, but also recliners with adjustable reclining position, which invite, for example, outdoors for sunbathing and relaxation. Sunbeds are therefore, in terms of their functionality, often equated with beds, or sofas, rather than with armchairs. One of the legendary furniture designs in the field of loungers is the Cassina LC 4 Chaiselongue by Le Corbusier - a classic, which due to its constructivist-esque designs steel and leather also went down in history as so-called "resting machine". For use while lying down or sitting Vitras MVS Chaise with padded plastic cover is particularly well suited for outdoor use,for example poolside.

Vitras MVS Chaise by Maarten Van Severen

Richard Lampert's Stijl Bench by Alexander Seifried

Not just a bank for indoors and out

The same is true of benches: here too, there are outdoor suitable models, such as the Alias Bank Teak Outdoor or Richard Lampert's Ludwig Bank, and options for the living area, such as the Artek Bench 153. If you are looking for the perfect kitchen bench then a work such as the Stijl Bench from Richard Lampert is particularly advisable. And stylish.