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Fritz Hansen

N01 Chair

by Nendo — from 600,47 €
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600,47 € *
available within 5-7 weeks
3% advance payment discount*: 582,46 € (Save 18,01 €)

The N01 chair was designed for Fritz Hansen by Nendo and embodies the skillful fusion of Danish design and Japanese aesthetics. Thanks to the high-quality processing of the veneer layers and the associated wooden elements, an original Fritz Hansen chair is created which convinces not only ergonomically, but also visually.


Product type Dining room chair

Material Frame and armrests: solid beech or oak
Seat and backrest: beech or oak veneer
Care Wood should never be exposed to excess moisture. To clean gently wipe with a soft cloth and if necessary a mild, neutral detergent.
Certificates & Sustainability The wood used for the chair was harvested from European forests.
Warranty 5 year cover against manufacturing defects.

Fritz Hansen offers an extended warranty when you register your N01 Chair online at
The registration of the product ID number must occur within three (3) months of the date of purchase, otherwise the extended Warranty is not granted.
Warranty period: 10 years.

Ordinary, normal, wear and tear are excluded from the warranty!
Datasheet Please click on the picture for detailed information (ca. 2,4 MB).
Product presentation

Popular versions

N01 Chair, Oak
N01 Chair, Beech
N01 Chair, Black varnished oak

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Arne Jacobsen – Designing Denmark at Trapholt, Kolding

...And a presentation of moulded plywood shells which reminds us all that with the Ant Arne Jacobsen, and Fritz Hansen, realised the first commercial single piece, 3D moulded, plywood seat shell... Not that Jacobsen's works are mute in the presence of their creator, far from it, and amongst the many works we enjoyed long discourses with, and in some cases still find ourselves in ongoing conversation with, one finds, and amongst many, many, others, a chair developed in 1927 as part of a collection of library furniture for the Fergo bookshop in Charlottenborg, and which is not only a formal delight, but in its mahogany reminds us that amongst the young Jacobsen's teachers was Kaare Klint; a 1930s three legged swivel office chair developed with Fritz Hansen and which is not only one of the most satisfyingly reduced, yet impudent and spirited, examples of the genre we've seen, but underscores that the metal/wood chair combinations of the 1950s were nothing new for Arne Jacobsen; the folded plywood desks developed for Munkegård school, the most logical and intuitive of items, and objects which carry their rejection of a school as a place of tradition, ritual and hierarchical authority as a badge of honour; the book trolley for Rødovre library, a work which couldn't be more anonymous but which perfectly underscores Jacobsen's all-encompassing Gesamtkünstler approach; the 1968 Prepop chair for Askond, which all logic says should be in plastic, and which we genuinely spent 10 minutes believing was, and which thus helps focus considerations on Jacobsen and materials; the steel tube and leather upholstery 3400 chair from 1971 for and with Fritz Hansen which not only features curves and rolls that echo back to the 1920s, but helps underscore Jacobsen's long relationship with Fritz Hansen, that the two cooperated for neigh on 40 years, and the importance of such relationships to the development of furniture, that furniture design isn't about furniture designers alone...

An Easter Egg...... or, A stay at home Eastertide hunt for Arne Jacobsen's Egg......

...Series 7, plywood chair for Fritz Hansen, a work that can be considered a flattened Egg... A process for which Klein received a patent in 1956**, a patent he sold to Fritz Hansen, who subsequently proposed styropore to Jacobsen...

3daysofdesign Copenhagen 2019: #embassytour

..., underscored by the presentation in the Swedish Embassy by Stockholm born, Copenhagen based designer Mia Lagerman who under the title Axplock presented a selection of her works including, and amongst many, many other pieces, the 2018 Wall Clock for Fritz Hansen, the Krok coat hanger/hall storage unit for van Esch, the Svenbertil chair for Ikea and the new Comma mirrors for Swedese...

#campustour 2018: Degree Show, Central Saint Martins, London, England

...Projects for which Central Saint Martins were able to attract some high calibre sponsors/partners including BUPA healthcare's Customer Lab who, and against the background that we are all living longer and will conceivably continue to do so ever more, challenged the students to "re-imagine healthy ageing"; MINI Living, an urban design project started initiated by the car manufacturer and who asked CSM students to consider future models of co-living and co-working; and a cooperation with Fritz Hansen which set the students the brief of reflecting on "what one might be keeping, storing and displaying", in a from technology defined future, and for all how Fritz Hansen could respond, through new products which "encode, embrace and express the essential" of Fritz Hansen's DNA... For our part a lot of the product proposals got a little too caught up in ideas of luxury for the sake of luxury, in objects which celebrate themselves, something which we'd argue isn't in Fritz Hansen's DNA...

smow Blog Design Calender: February 24th 1893 – Happy Birthday Christian Dell!

The German designer and silversmith Christian Dell is arguably best known for the numerous lighting designs he realised during the 1920s and 1930s. Christian Dell was however also one of the pioneers of plastic design. If all too briefly. Born in Offenbach am...

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