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Richard Lampert

Eiermann 1 Table Special Edition

by Egon Eiermann — 486,42 €
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486,42 € *
Limited special edition - only 2 x in stock, delivery time 2-3 working days within Germany
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3% advance payment discount*: 471,83 € (Save 14,59 €)

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the smow online shop, we are offering, together with the manufacturer Richard Lampert, an exclusive Special Edition of the most famous architectural table of the 20th century. The strictly limited smow edition of Egon Eiermann's classic comes in a contemporary guise and combines a monochrome black table top with a dark green base - a must for collectors and stylish lovers of Eiermann design.


Product type Desk
Dimensions Table
Length: 160 cm
Depth: 80 cm
Height: 68-87 cm

Lenght: 110 cm
Depth: 66 cm
Material Table top: melamine, black with synthetic black edge
Table frame: steel, lacquered dark green (RAL 6009)
Variant Eiermann 1 (oblique - offset):
Eiermann 1, versetzt

Function & properties Height adjustable up to 17 cm
For oblique, offset frames, use from only one side is recommended.
If several tables are to be blocked together, we recommend the Levelling Feet set.
Delivery & Assembly Table top, frame, height extension and rubber stoppers included.

Eiermann 1

Please click on picture for assembly instructions
(ca. 0,1 MB)

Care We recommend cleaning with a soft, slightly damp, cotton cloth.
Warranty 24 months
Product family Eiermann tables

Eiermann 1 and Eiermann 2 table frames and table tops in many other colours/versions available separately
Accessories Accessories for Eiermann Tables


Should the answers to your questions not be found here, our service team can be contacted Mon-Fri, 8 am to 6 pm via +49 341 2222 88 22.

What is the difference between the Eiermann 1 frame and the Eiermann 2 frame?

With the Eiermann 1 frame the crossbars are positioned diagonally. With the Eiermann 2 frame they are vertical

Can the Eiermann Table also be used as a dining table?

The Eiermann 2 frame with the central crossbars can be used a dining table, as the table can be accessed from both sides. Something that is not possible with other variations. For use as a dining table we would however recommend the use of the mounting set to secure the table top to the frame.

Can the table top be used on both sides?

The melamine coated and linoleum table tops can have light tears that mean one shouldn't use the underside. The solid oak and solid core laminate table tops can however be used on both sides.

Design Story

The Design

The Eiermann Table is based on a 1953 Egon Eiermann design; namely a metal table frame with a diagonally placed support crossbar. In 1965 the design of the original frame was adapted to feature a vertical support crossbar. A variation that also made the frame easier to dismantle and transport. Easier to dismantle and transport but less elegant that the original Eiermann table frame. In addition to the Eiermann table frame the contemporary furniture producer Richard Lampert also offer an accompanying table top. A striking example of functional modernism the Eiermann Table - or architects table as it is often referred to on account of its popularity in the profession - is a design classic that is a simple as it is practical.

Eiermann Table with table frame 1 and table top in melamine white with oak edges

In the past, only the original 1953 frame was called the "Eiermann Table". The version from the year 1965 was known to architects as the "Draughting Table". Only after Richard Lampert received in 1995 the rights to the original, did he introduce the distinction of the term Eiermann 1 for the original and Eiermann 2 for the version from 1965. Until the acquisition of the rights by Richard Lampert the Draughting Table was only bought by architects in direct sales. It was Richard Lampert who made the Eiermann frame known throughout Europe.

Designer of the Eiermann Table: Egon Eiermann


In 1995 Richard Lampert acquired the licencse to produce the Eiermann Table Frame 1, since when his Stuttgart based company have produced both the original Eiermann Table Frame 1 and an adapted licence-free Eiermann Table Frame 2 version. Both models are availble in a range of sizes and colours and are offered by (smow) as complete set with a table top under the package "Eiermann Table". In addition Richard Lampert produce and supply a children's version of the Eiermann Table.


Born on 29th September 1904 in Neuendorf near Berlin Egon Eiermann grew to be one of the most important and influential German designers and architects of his generation. Following completion of his studies at the Technischen Hochschule Berlin Egon Eiermann originally worked in Berlin before fleeing to Karlsruhe during the war. Post-war Eiermann developed numerous landmark projects including the Neue Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, the administrative offices of the West German parliament in Bonn and numerous department stores for the company Horton. works that, more often than not were accompanied by controversial, heated, discussions on account of Eiermann's modernist approach. More universally acclaimed however was Eiermann's furniture design work. Objects such as the Eiermann Table or his numerous chair projects not only being appreciated then but having become design classics since. Egon Eiermann died on Baden-Baden on July 19th 1970 aged 65.

Historical context

Despite studying in the 1920s, Egon Eiermann doesn't belong to the Bauhaus ranks but rather is associated with so-called Secondary Modernity and functionalism. Indeed it wasn't until the 1950s on a tour of the USA that he first met the likes of Marcel Brauer, Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe. In comparison to such men Eiermann was able to continue his career post-war in Germany, a situation that helped him become acknowledged as the father of German functionalism. In addition to the likes of Arne Jacobsen or Alvar Aalto Egon Eiermann was one of the main representatives of a branch of functionalism that called for, and got, clear, light designs. Egon Eiermann was also one of the first European designers of his generation to grasp that furniture needed to be able to be mass produced in order to be successful: a condition he realised with more than a degree of finesse and charm


In 1995 Richard Lampert received permission to produce Egon Eiermann's 1953 table frame and in addition to producing the original Eiermann also brought the adapted and licence-free 1965 version with the vertical supporting crossbar, the Eiermann 2, onto the market. In addition to producing the table frames, table tops and a series of accessories, the Stuttgart based company also produce and distribute works by verity of international designers accross all product groups.

An Egon Eiermann classic: The Neue Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche Berlin

Eiermann Table Frame 1 vs Eiermann Table Frame 2

The Eiermann table frame 1  is an undisputed classic of contemporary furniture design. Designed in 1953 by Egon Eiermann the table frame is composed of two steel tube side elements joined, and stabilised, by a diagonally attached crossbar. Utilising a minimum of material to achieve a maximum of stability in an object that remains true to Eiermann's aesthetic principles, the Eiermann table frame 1 is as unique in its construction as it is flexible in its uses.

Eiermann Tischgestell 1

Eiermann Table Frame 1

Eiermann Tischgestell 2, versetzt

Eiermann Table Frame 2, offset

Eiermann Tischgestell 2, mittig

Eiermann Table Frame 2, centred

The adapted version of the table frame with the vertical supporting crossbar was developed in 1965 and is, as with the original model, known as the Eiermann table frame. Indeed over the years the name Eiermann table frame 2 has established itself in common parlance to distinguish the version designed directly by Egon Eiermann and the adapted version.

In direct comparison of both frames one instantly realises that the Eiermann 1 typifies Egon Eiermann's attention to fine detail more than the rather industrial Eiermann 2.

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