(smow)abseits: Gangsta Lean by Matt Braun

Sometimes we really do ask why we invest so much time and effort travelling to design shows, when all we need to do is sit in front of our computer with a good Brooklyn Lager and bag of crisps.

Saves money, saves the environment and potentially saves us from drowning.

Gangsta Lean by Matt Braun

Gangsta Lean by Matt Braun

Such questions mainly arise when we find products such as Gangsta Lean by Matt Braun.

As we will never tire of saying, for us an important element of good design is does the phrase:

Took a problem, analysed it, solved it


And in the case of Gangsta Lean it certainly does.

With an ingenious simplicity Matt Braun has solved the problem of the safe, secure and artgerecht storage of records and magazines. Great

Gangsta Lean - no space is wasted. Wonderful

Gangsta Lean - no space is wasted. Wonderful

We also love the fact  that you can use the space between the units to store things  – we’re assuming that is one of those wonderful unplanned yet beautifully functional features; but it perfectly complements the main function of the units.

If we did have a request it would be smaller units for CDs and novels … but we’re sure Matt’s working on that as we type.

For us Gangsta Lean is the perfect storage solution for all who appreciate good design but don’t want to live in an art gallery. And who have, apparently, insurmountable storage problems.

Gangsta Leam - limitlessly extendable, It's like system USM Haller for the street.

Gangsta Lean - limitlessly extendable, It's like System USM Haller for the street.

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