When one considers the, let’s say, unique, derisive, unalluring place the Sächsisch dialect enjoys endures amongst German speakers, it could be considered unwise, foolhardy, to explore all too deeply the contributions made by creatives and industry in and from the State of Sachsen to the development of Bauhaus, to explore, if you will, Bauhaus’s Sächsisch accent.

With the exhibition Bauhaus_Sachsen the Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig do just that…….

Bauhaus_Sachsen, Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig

Grassimesse Leipzig 2014

Time was when Leipzig hosted two fayres per year, one at Easter and one at Michaelmas. The Easter Fair has

What with the sweet afterglow of Vienna Design Week behind us we entered October 2013 full of enthusiasm – not

Grassimesse Leipzig 2013 Uta Feiler

When the yellowing leaves of passing like a carpet over Leipzig lie…..  it must be time for “Leipzig Creative Autumn”,

Grassimesse 2012 Ü60 Design TransBoard Tino Kalettka and Hannes Trommer

In addition to works by individual designers and artists Grassimesse 2012 also presented the results of the research project “Ü60

Drawers! And we don’t mean that as an insult. If there is one thing we really, really miss it’s desks

The third stage on the (smow) design marathon 2010 was the Grassimesse at the Grassi Museum here in Leipzig. First

Mannno! If we’re honest we didn’t expect Orgatec 2010 to be such fun, or to be so sorry to leave.