As a fair IMM Cologne 2017 didn’t impress, but one or the other product did. Our IMM Cologne 2017 High Five!! And a few words of comfort from Epictetus.

IMM Cologne

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With the exhibition 21 Common Things designer Thomas Schnur explores his personal relationship with everyday objects. And in doing so the concept of functionality.

Thomas Schnur - 21 Common Things

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"My Bauhaus is better than yours" exhibition poster Milan 2009 (with a little support from the Milan Transport Corporation)

Back at Milan 2009 we stumbled by chance across “My Bauhaus is better than yours”, an exhibition featuring works by

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Müller Möbelfabrikation @ IMM Cologne 2016

2016 sees Augsburg based manufacturer Müller Möbelfabrikation celebrate their 20th anniversary, and to mark their round birthday the company have

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Thanks to Egon by Alexander Seifried, the Eiermann table frame can be used to create round tables. Here with the chair Prater by Marco Dessi, as seen at Richard Lampert @ IMM Cologne 2016

According to Brigitte Eiermann her late husband, the German architect and designer Egon Eiermann, would work so long on a

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IMM Cologne 2016. Pure Talents Contest

For reasons known only to the IMM 2016 organisers the numerous segments composing the “Talents” section – that section of

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Thonet @ IMM Cologne 2016

As we noted in our post from the 2015 Garden Unique Youngstars competition, the contemporary outdoor furniture market is a

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IMM Cologne 2015 Richard Lampert Eiermann Regal Frame Boxes Alexander Seifried

Established in 1993 with a primary focus on producing the designs of Egon Eiermann, including most famously the re-edition of

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IMM Cologne 2015 Erleuchtung Kräutergarten by Elisabeth Kocher und Anna-Lena Bast

In our post on Plug Lamp by Form Us With Love for Ateljé Lyktan, we posed the question “where in

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IMM Cologne 2015 Lenz lounge chair Bartman Berlin Silvia Terhedebrügge Hanne Willmann

In our post on Rui Alves’s Bridge Chair prototype from IMM Cologne we noted that, although generally approving of the

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IMM Cologne 2015 Müller Möbelfabrikation PS 04 Kressel + Schelle oak steel

Contrary to popular legend, a change is not as good as a rest. It’s better. For whereas after a rest

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IMM Cologne 2015 Thonet relax

If you’re of a certain age, and of a certain background, you’ll be familiar with the Roland TR-808 drum machine.

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llot llov IMM Cologne 2015

We remember very clearly the first time we saw the work of Berlin design studio llot llov: it was at

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IMM Cologne 2015 ess.tee.tisch t-6500 Horgenglarus

In our post on the Drawers Table by 45 Kilo for My Kilos we noted “any product that can appear

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IMM Cologne 2015 Pure Talents Contest

Presumably for reasons of brand unity the German Design Council’s D3 Design Talent Contest for young designers has been renamed

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Drawers Table by 45 Kilo for My Kilos

As regular readers will be aware, for us there are two characteristics which define a proper desk: drawers and an

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Lounge Sofa by Rui Alves for Menu

Our favourite Portuguese designer TM Rui Alves is making his IMM Cologne début this year, with a new prototype under

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Back at the end of 2014 we mused as to whether or not this might be an apposite moment to

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Passagen Cologne 2014 Young Persepectives at Boffi Köln Woodware Sarah Böttger

During the 2014 Passagen design festival the Cologne flagship store of Italian kitchen and bathroom manufacturer Boffi presented an exhibition

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25th January 1970 Visiona 2 Verner Panton Cologne

“Wood will be driven out of living spaces; even metal and glass, although much newer in domestic situations, are losing

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(smow) blog compact IMM Cologne Special Thonet S 1200 desk Randolf Schott Thonet Design Team

Our coverage of IMM Cologne 2014 may be reaching its conclusion, but we still have a few gleaming gems to

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(smow) blog compact IMM Cologne Special Müller Möbelfabrikation Stack

It may have been because at IMM Cologne 2014 they were given a larger stand than in previous years. It

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(smow) blog compact IMM Cologne Special D3 Contest Exhibition

Curated annually by the German Design Council on behalf of Cologne Trade Fair the [D3] Contest is an international competition

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(smow) blog compact IMM Cologne Special HfG Karlsruhe Masala Kitchen and K.O. Project

In our post from the 2013 HfG Karlsruhe “Sommerloch” exhibition we wrote “Similarly the spiritedly named “Arbeitstitle” by Marlene Deken

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Passagen Cologne 2014 Alle Metalle All Metal Tom Dixon Etch Lamp shade Light drop e27

Revolutions in design and architecture invariably involve a new material. The oldest examples of this phenomenon being found in the

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