While it’s hard to feel anything even vaguely resembling joy in a month which sees the UK start its senseless and cowardly, withdrawal from the European Union … life goes on!!

Our five top distractions for April 2017 features new design and architecture exhibitions in Berlin, New York, Paris, Dessau and Milan.

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Thingness. Noun. [ˈthiŋ-nəs] The quality or state of objective existence or reality1

Thingness. Exhibition. [ˈthiŋ-nəs] A comprehensive Jasper Morrison retrospective currently on show at the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin.

Jasper Morrison. Thingness @ Bauhaus Archiv Berlin

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The exhibition Divine Golden Ingenious. The Golden Ratio as a Theory of Everything? at the Museum for Communication Berlin featured two projects by Berlin based designer Mark Braun, projects which, largely, if not exclusively, owe their form to deliberations on and experimentation with the Fibonacci number. A state of affairs, we considered, makes Mark Braun an ideal person with whom to speak to about the role, attraction and relevance of the Fibonacci number and Golden Ratio in product design.

And so ahead of the exhibition’s opening at the Museum for Communication Frankfurt, we did just that…..

Les Trois by Mark Braun

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Our picks from the new architecture and design exhibitions opening in February 2017, featuring showcases in Weil am Rhein, Falkenberg, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Berlin and Groningen.

five new design exhibitions february 2017

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Object Lessons. The Story of Material Education in 8 Chapters at the Werkbundarchiv - Museum der Dinge Berlin

Understanding materials has helped contemporary society develop as it has. And remains as relevant today as ever. If not more

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O hushed October morning mild, Thy leaves have ripened to the fall; Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild* You’d be

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WerkBundHaus Berlin

With their WerkBundStadt project the Werkbund Berlin aim to redevelop an industrial site in northern Berlin into a future orientated

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Divine Golden Ingenious The Golden Ratio as a Theory of Everything? at the Museum for Communication Berlin

(a+b)÷a = a÷b ≡ harmony? Or, the contemporary relevance of the Golden Ratio In addition to those artificial laws decreed

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Merging Loops by Bára Finnsdóttir, as seen at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee Rundgang 2016

As East Berlin’s Art and Design College the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee was in many ways symbolic of East Germany’s difficult

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Berenice Abbott PhBerenice Abbott - Photographs at the Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlinotographs at the Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin

“Photography is the medium par excellence of our time. As a visual means of communication, it has no equal.”1 So

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Hangout Hula-Hoop & Wall Bar by Proof of Guilt @ Salone Satellite Milan 2016

In our recent conversation with Birgit Severin and Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo about their Heimat Lamp project they told us that the

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Workaround by Sofie Aschan Eriksson, Lund University School of Industrial Design. As seen at DMY Berlin 2016

We’re not going to claim that DMY Berlin 2016 was a vintage year, for us the 14th edition of the

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Outseaters by Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz @ HTW Berlin, State of Design 2016

The clearest sign that that things are changing in Berlin-Oberschöneweide is without question the new vegan Vietnamese restaurant on the

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A stroll through 30 years design history. Germany versus France. The Struggle over Style 1900-1930 at the Bröhan Museum Berlin

As with contemporary football the story of contemporary architecture and design begins on the British Isles; and as with football

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State of Design Berlin 2016 (Design: Bureau Mirko Borsche, München. Courtesy of State of Design)

From May 4th and until May 8th 2016 Berlin will host the inaugural edition of the festival State of Design.

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The question as to what “home” means has never been an easy one to answer, and in our global age

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LCS Perlon rep in the colours of LeCorbursier, free selected colour and quality variants (© design: Anker Teppiche, photo: Matthias Ritzmann)

Mild-mannered and polite as we are, we still occasionally find ourselves causing offence, arousing feelings of mild outrage and generally

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December is famously a half month – no one does anything useful in the second half of the month, unless

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November 2015 was a month of exhibitions, including Konstantin Grcic at the Grassi Museum Leipzig and Anton Corbijn at C/O

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Normally October is all about design festivals, October 2015 wasn’t. On the one hand we weren’t at that many this

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As we noted in our 5 New Design Exhibitions for August 2015 post “Everyone, but everyone, it would appear is

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The older we get the more important July becomes as it allows us to return to college to view design

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June 2015 saw the DMY Berlin festival re-launch after the original organiser ran into financial difficulties; a re-launch which we

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Cosmetic Surgery Kingdom-Bora Hong@Keum Art Projects, Location Partner: Gallery VOLUME Berlin

For the 13th century Dominican friar Thomas Aquinas beauty required a perfect combination of integritas, consonantia & claritas – integrity,

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Disko by Formy by Daphna Laurens for Glasmuseum Leerdam

Obviously defining a “Best of” Dutch Design Week, or indeed any design week, is impossible, one can only hope to

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