Workaround by Sofie Aschan Eriksson, Lund University School of Industrial Design. As seen at DMY Berlin 2016

We’re not going to claim that DMY Berlin 2016 was a vintage year, for us the 14th edition of the

Outseaters by Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz @ HTW Berlin, State of Design 2016

The clearest sign that that things are changing in Berlin-Oberschöneweide is without question the new vegan Vietnamese restaurant on the

A stroll through 30 years design history. Germany versus France. The Struggle over Style 1900-1930 at the Bröhan Museum Berlin

As with contemporary football the story of contemporary architecture and design begins on the British Isles; and as with football

State of Design Berlin 2016 (Design: Bureau Mirko Borsche, München. Courtesy of State of Design)

From May 4th and until May 8th 2016 Berlin will host the inaugural edition of the festival State of Design.

LCS Perlon rep in the colours of LeCorbursier, free selected colour and quality variants (© design: Anker Teppiche, photo: Matthias Ritzmann)

Mild-mannered and polite as we are, we still occasionally find ourselves causing offence, arousing feelings of mild outrage and generally

December is famously a half month – no one does anything useful in the second half of the month, unless

November 2015 was a month of exhibitions, including Konstantin Grcic at the Grassi Museum Leipzig and Anton Corbijn at C/O

Normally October is all about design festivals, October 2015 wasn’t. On the one hand we weren’t at that many this

As we noted in our 5 New Design Exhibitions for August 2015 post “Everyone, but everyone, it would appear is

The older we get the more important July becomes as it allows us to return to college to view design

June 2015 saw the DMY Berlin festival re-launch after the original organiser ran into financial difficulties; a re-launch which we

Cosmetic Surgery Kingdom-Bora Hong@Keum Art Projects, Location Partner: Gallery VOLUME Berlin

For the 13th century Dominican friar Thomas Aquinas beauty required a perfect combination of integritas, consonantia & claritas – integrity,

Disko by Formy by Daphna Laurens for Glasmuseum Leerdam

Obviously defining a “Best of” Dutch Design Week, or indeed any design week, is impossible, one can only hope to

Billy Bragg meets Brian Eno @ Anton Corbijn - Hollands Deep & 1-2-3-4, C/O Berlin

As older and more loyal readers will be aware if there is one thing we really, really dislike, more so

Unfold by Uli Budde for A.E. Koechert, Vienna

We were first introduced to the work of Berlin based designer Uli Budde when we saw his “Reading Table” project

House Housing by Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, as seen at Wohnungsfrage, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin

“What is understood today as the housing problem is a specific intensification of the bad housing conditions endured by the

31 Tage Goden Tips @ stilwerk Berlin

Among the more interesting and entertaining texts we didn’t publish from IMM Cologne 2015 was our post on the showcase

gren light chandelier by Gunnar Søren Petersen (Photo © Alex Kueper)

In our recent review of contemporary Berlin creativity we noted that one of the problems increasingly being faced by Berlin

Manifesto. Works by Students and Graduates of the Studio of Glass in Prague at the Kunstgewerbemuseum, Dresden, Germany

As old Mother Goose, allegedly, once claimed: Thirty days hath September, and the following five enticing new design and architecture

Sigurd-Larsen Sorte Hus Copenhagen

As we noted in our recent review of contemporary creativity in Berlin, the creative landscape in the German capital is

rescue station on Binz Beach by Ulrich Müther (completed 1968)

The so-called “Teepott” on the promenade at Warnemünde on Germany’s Baltic See coast is a rare and precious construction. Not

Universität der Künste Berlin Rundgang 2015 TEA43 by Dennis Nguyen

It is probably fair to say that over the years and decades the Universität der Künste Berlin, UdK Berlin, has

DMY Berlin 2015: H20 - Tea by induction by Marta Suslow

“Fancy a cup of tea?” “Oh, yes please! Thank you!” “OK, I’ll put the kettle on” “Troglodyte” Boiling water for

DMY Berlin 2015: FS Modular Shelving System by Philipp Beisheim

There is little in this world that brings us more pleasure than a good modular shelving system. We know that

Klein's Lamp by Lucien Dubuis

Customs are a form of social regulation. Love them or loath them customs allow us to form connections, to find