Gestures belong to the oldest of human actions and interactions. Have accompanied mankind through good times and bad, through its innumerate technical, cultural and social revolutions.

And are so intuitive, we are often barely aware of them.

With the exhibition Gestures – Past, Present and Future, the Sächsische Industriemuseum Chemnitz explores not only the (hi)story and importance of gestures, but for all their role in our smart, digital, autonomous futures.

Gestures - Past, Present and Future at the Sächsische Industriemuseum Chemnitz

The old adage that the only certainties in life are death and taxes has become (more than) a little passé of late.

However even the accountants and investment bankers cannot, yet, avoid death.

With the exhibition Tod & Ritual – Kulturen von Abschied und Erinnerung the Staatliches Museum für Archäologie Chemnitz, smac, explore the historical and cultural traditions and rituals of that last remaining timeless, universal, and utterly inescapable phenomenon.

Tod & Ritual - Kulturen von Abschied und Erinnerung, Staatliches Museum für Archäologie Chemnitz

Like gardens mottled with the vibrant leaves of autumn, so too is November 2017 bestrewn with a multicoloured carpet of new design and architecture exhibitions. We could have published three such lists, seriously considered it …. have however instead taken the opportunity to bring our monthly recommendations average up to where it should be. Five.

Back in August we only had four new recommendations, and so to compensate summer’s shortfall, here we present six, technically seven. Although it could have been 15.

Which all of course means you, dear reader, have no excuse for not visiting a new design or architecture exhibition, for wherever you may be, there is one opening near you. So get out there and start raking up those leaves exhibitions!!!

5 New Design Exhibitions for November 2017

It’s early May and once again the party ship we call the smow song contest is ready to set sail……

smow song contest 2017

International Marianne Brandt Contest 2016 Exhibition, Chemnitz Museum of Industry

The winners and nominated projects from the 2016 International Marianne Brandt Contest can be viewed in an exhibition in Chemnitz.

Karl Marx. Not ❤ing money since 1844

Money, famously, makes the world go round. The world go round. Money makes the world go round How that came

Offspring @ GALERIE Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg

The Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg is by no stretch of the imagination Germany’s largest design school; however, that in

Slatted-Armchair, Lattenstuhl by Marcel Breuer, 1924 (Photo ©/ courtesy of HEICKMANN KG, Chemnitz)

“The starting point for the chair was the problem of comfortable seating combined with a simple construction. A problem which

Feinserie at Ambiente Frankfurt 2016

In our interview with Marcel Kabisch, founder of and creative force behind German label Feinserie, he told us that what

Browsing in our Pictorial Review archive it appears March 2013 was “a month of travelling: Stuttgart, Chemnitz, Weimar, Dessau….. its

Since 2000 the International Marianne Brandt Contest has been searching for the Poetry of the Functional in art and design.

Marcel Kabisch Sessel Diplomarbeit Kabisch 2002_2

As we’ve often noted in these pages the eastern German town of Chemnitz markets itself as the “City of Modernism”,

Andy Warhol Death and Disaster Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz Skull 1976

Until February 22nd the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz is presenting the exhibition Andy Warhol: Death and Disaster, according to the organisers “the

Such was the quality of the new products we saw during our autumn tour they kept us going well into

August being holiday month our principle focus was board sports: Woody Skateboards for the summer and silbærg snowboards for the

May may have been slow in the past. May. For aside from DMY Berlin, Fritz Haller in Basel, Niek van

Cold as February 2014 unquestionably was, we managed to warm ourselves with exhibitions looking at the 1920s medial representation of

Andy Warhol Death and Disaster Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz Skulls

Much as Andy Warhol predicated we’d all be famous for 15 minutes, he also understood we’d all be dead forever.

Sächsischer Staatspreis für Design 2014

On Friday October 24th the winners of the Saxony Design Award 2014 – the Sächsischer Staatspreis für Design 2014 –


In the past we have, admittedly, been “somewhat” harsh on Chemnitz. Unfairly so considered some. Many. “C’mon! Chemnitz isn’t all

Staatlichen Museums für Archäologie Chemnitz smac

When Erich Mendelsohn’s new Schocken department store opened in Chemnitz in 1930 Wasmuths Monatshefte für Baukunst, one of the leading

Marianne Brandt Villa Esche Chemnitz Tastlicht 1929-1932

By way of an addendum to our addendum to our “5 New Design Exhibitions for February 2014” post…… Until June

With autum’s algid wind in our faces and the promise of mince pies and Glühwein in our tails we approached

March 2013 was a month of travelling: Stuttgart, Chemnitz, Weimar, Dessau….. its amazing we found time to actually write anything…….

International Marianne Brandt Contest 2013 Award Photography Jan Manney Eldorado

We’re not going to pretend everyone is enamoured with our constant pops at Chemnitz. Truth is for the majority our