Room for Change by Design Campus/d-o-t-s, Vienna Design Week 2023

Stargazer chair by Klemens Schillinger (l) and Campfire by Lino Gasparitsch, as seen at Garten, Galerie Rauminhalt, Vienna Design Week 2023

1 M² by Studio Högl Borowski, the Ums Eck project for Vienna Design Week 2023

Pendulum Lamp by Matej Štefanac, as seen at Vienna Design Week 2023

The MOWO - Move with VIVI and CC collections, as seen at Vienna Design Week 2023

There is an argument to be made that while variation and uniqueness are inherent features of craft processes, design strives for the production of endless uniformity.

Or perhaps more accurately design did: while the earliest design practitioners, and those of the 1920s and 1930s who followed them, very much (largely) sought to develop products that contemporary industry could produce en mass as exact replicas of one another, since the 1960s individuals and groups of designers have sought to move away from the design of the identical for a society that is diverse; have sought to develop either systems that allow for individual expression and individual adaptation and/or to develop production processes that inherently and intrinsically enable and foster and realise variety without fundamentally questioning the idea of industrial multiplication and reproduction.

With the showcase The Series Vienna Design Week 2023 allows space for reflections on approaches by contemporary designers to designing for variety, and thereby also for differentiated reflections on contemporary design…….

Vienna Design Week 2023: Fokus - The Series

It’s been a while, and we were beginning to think it would never happen again; however, after an inordinately long absence September 2023 sees us once again meet up with Vienna Design Week…….

Following on from the relative inactivity of August September saw us wind back up towards the 2014 autumn design festival

Vienna Design Week 2014 Kultúrgorilla Guide the Diver Design for Dumpster Dialogue

As long as we’ve been going to Vienna Design Week the festival has always included a focus on social responsibility.

Vienna Design Week 2014 Servant by Katharina Wernig

At an otherwise disappointing presentation of projects by students from the TU Graz Institute of Spatial Design during Vienna Design

Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege Big-Game Wiener Silber Manufactur

For some 200 years Wiener Silber Manufactur have produced the finest silverware. Exquisite cutlery, table services, coffee pots and sugar

Vienna Design Week TU Wien Light Thing

In context of a 2014 summer semester project students from Vienna Technical University’s Department for 3D Design and Model Construction

Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege Pedrita Studio Glaserei Stiefelmeyer

We’re spending an awful lot of time at Vienna Design Week 2014 photographing mirrors. If we were at all competent

Frugal Collection Cape Town harald bichler_rauminhalt Celia-Hannes

In context of Cape Town’s tenure as World Design Capital 2014 Franco-Austrian design and architecture studio Celia-Hannes spent six weeks

Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege Studio deFORM Rudolf Scheer & Söhne Mirror

The last time we visited the premises of Vienna shoemaker Rudolf Scheer & Söhne it was for the presentation of

chmara.rosinke present Private Room

As we alluded to in our post from Vienna based design studio chmara.rosinke’s Passionswege 2013 project with Wäscheflott, we’ve not

Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege mathak mahlknecht Stani-Polsterei

In our post from the launch of the Tools for Life collection by Rem Koolhaas and OMA for Knoll during

Candle Holder by AU Workshop, as seen at Pure Hungarian, Vienna Design Week 2014

Time was when the candlestick maker was an important profession. No candlestick. No light. Or at least no secure light.

Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege BCXSY J & L Lobmeyr

At the risk of starting a tradition we can’t maintain, and so ultimately leading us to disappoint a lot of

Unsichtbare Dinge Typisch chinesisch Typisch deutsch at the Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg Germany erledigt

Mayday! Mayday! Don’t panic. It’s just a public holiday. You’ll survive. Barbecue something…… And afterwards, when everyone else is back

After the relative calm and civility of July and August, September sees a more than inconsequential upping of our professional

Vienna Design Week 2013 Passionswege Sebastian Zachl Donauer Lampenschirme 07

One of the take home messages from the Vitra Design Museum’s Lightopia exhibition is that lighting design is rarely about

Vienna Design Week 2013 Passionswege chmara rosinke Wäscheflott

We must admit to having had our problems with Vienna based design studio chmara.rosinke Not in a physical, fisticuffs sort of

Vienna Design Week 2013 Construisine

As we noted in our post on Depot_0411 by Marlene Klausner, “food” often crops up in the Vienna Design Week

Vienna Design Week 2013 Passionswege Bertille + Mathieu J & L Lobmeyr

What is luxury? For Passionswege 2013 the French/Swiss duo Bertille + Mathieu were paired with the Viennese crystal manufacturer J.