Miller Lounge Chair by Serener for Functionals, as seen Kazerne Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week 2016

Although one primarily goes to Kazerne Eindhoven to experience experimental, challenging, yet invariably accessible and pertinent design, during Dutch Design

Low Chair Tom Frencken, as seen at Dutch Design Week 2016. Here at the NRE Arena

It goes without saying that picking a “best of” from an event such as Dutch Design Week is impossible. Too

Stuttgart reißt sich ab Architekturgalerie am Weissenhof, Stuttgart

Our five recommendations for new design and architecture exhibitions opening in June 2016 feature four in Germany and one in

Studio Daphna Laurens present Prototipi @ Salone Satellite Milan 2016

Unbelievably, Eindhoven based design studio Daphna Laurens have never, ever, participated at Salone Satellite, that section of the Milan furniture

May is traditionally the month in which the furniture design industry starts winding down towards summer…. fortunately, because after Milan

February 2015 saw us break new ground and make our first visits to Munich Creative Business Week, the magnificently monikered

Unfold by Uli Budde for A.E. Koechert, Vienna

We were first introduced to the work of Berlin based designer Uli Budde when we saw his “Reading Table” project

BLOW vases by Ruben der Kinderen, as seen at Contemporary Creation Processes in Design at DAD Galerie Berlin

As we believe we’ve said before, and assume we will repeat in the future, contemporary Dutch design is largely, though

Kazerne Eindhoven bar dirk

As we noted in our post on the exhibition Open World at Kazerne Eindhoven, for a city that is often

Globe Project by Floris Wubben, as seen at DAD Berlin by Floris Wubben, as seen at DAD Berlin

Floris Wubben is a rare and precious being. Floris Wubben is a contemporary Dutch designer who didn’t study at Design

101.86 black Thomas Vailly & Laura Lynn Jansen, as seen at Dutch Invertuals - Body Language, Milan Design Week 2015

As a general rule, what you don’t say is more important than what you do say: your body language famously

Open World at Kazerne Eindhoven

As we’ve often noted/complained/mocked in these pages, for a town widely lauded as being the most creative in the universe,

Responsive Furniture Izabela Bołoz

Name: Izabela Bołoz Born: Wałbrzych, Poland Alma mater: University of Wrocław, Poland, University of Zurich, Switzerland & Design Academy Eindhoven,

Design from the Country of The Potato Eaters Designers meet van Gogh Noordbrabants Museum

Throughout 2015 some thirty European museums and cultural institutions will mark the 125th anniversary of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh’s

Matter of Life Growing new Bio Art Design at MU Gallery Eindhoven

For a town which, we would assume, boasts the highest density of designers in Europe, and which hosts one of

Such was the quality of the new products we saw during our autumn tour they kept us going well into

……and continued over Budapest and on to Berlin – where amongst other delights we partook of the exhibitions Sensing the

August being holiday month our principle focus was board sports: Woody Skateboards for the summer and silbærg snowboards for the

Dutch Design Week 2014 Living Soil by Raya Stefanova Design Academy Eindhoven graduation

As older readers will be aware, one of our all time favourite projects is, was and probably always will be

Dutch Design Week 2014 Dutch Invertuals Cohesion Wendy Plomp

Cohesion is a concept with which we are very familiar. Largely because it is a state we never achieve. Much

Dutch Design Week 2014 Ontwerpduo Impossible things before breakfast Tile Table Tallow

One of the highlights for us of Dutch Design Week 2014 is and was the showcase of works by Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week 2014 Leaning Bench Izabela Bołoz

The presentation of Dirk Vander Kooij’s current collection during Dutch Design Week 2014 took place at Kazerne – the new

Dutch Design Week Special TAB Studios

For us the passion, indeed interest, for living in a shared flat ended approximately 18 months before we moved out

Dutch Design Week 2014 Dirk Vander Kooij Soap Cabinet Satellite Lamp

Back in the day when the CD was new and exciting we remember watching a breakfast TV host spread honey

Dutch Design Week 2014 Sectie C

Proving that Eindhoven is full of old factories, but that they are not necessarily all former Philips factories, Sectie C