smow blog 2014. A pictorial review: August

August being holiday month our principle focus was board sports: Woody Skateboards for the summer and silbærg snowboards for the coming winter. And when not trying to dislocate our virtual collarbones we found time to bring you an interview with Daphna Laurens and a warning from the colleagues at smow Australia.

silbaerg a l d snowboard

The principles of the silbærg A.L.D smowboard technology

Woody Skateboards Familiy

The Woody Skateboards Familiy

At first glance Daphna Laurens Trading Places. Designers meet the collection Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden

At first glance by Daphna Laurens, as seen at “Trading Places. Designers meet the collection”, Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden (Photo: Daphna Laurens)

tolix chair

The Tolix family in its multi-colour glory (Photo courtesy of Tolix)

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