Studio Daphna Laurens present Prototipi @ Salone Satellite Milan 2016

Unbelievably, Eindhoven based design studio Daphna Laurens have never, ever, participated at Salone Satellite, that section of the Milan furniture

Ulisse Daybed by Konstantin Grcic for ClassiCon, as seen at Milan Furniture Fair 2016

To the casual observer selecting five outstanding products from the Milan Furniture Fair is a neigh on impossible task, so

……and continued over Budapest and on to Berlin – where amongst other delights we partook of the exhibitions Sensing the

August being holiday month our principle focus was board sports: Woody Skateboards for the summer and silbærg snowboards for the

Dutch Design Week Special TAB Studios

For us the passion, indeed interest, for living in a shared flat ended approximately 18 months before we moved out

At first glance Daphna Laurens Trading Places. Designers meet the collection Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden

Back in February the participants of the exhibition “Trading Places. Designers meet the collection” at the Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden spent two

Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden Trading Places Designers meet the collection Ron Arad Well Tempered Chair Throne

Strolling through the corridors of the Dresden Museum of Decorative Arts, the Kunstgewerbemuseum, one comes across a presentation called “Thronfolge”

Feeds per minute by Raw Color, as seen at Dutch Invertuals - Happy Future, Milan 2014

Many people, if not peoples, could currently be forgiven for reacting somewhat sceptically to the notion of a “Happy Future”.

Vienna Design Week Passionswege 2012 Daphna Laurens at Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten

Pretty much ever since we first saw Tafelstukken by Daphna Laurens at DMY Berlin 2010 we’ve had a bit of

Milan 2012 Dutch Invertuals Untouchables Retouched

As we’ve already admitted the first time we saw a Dutch Invertuals exhibition we didn’t hang around very long. Since

daphna laurens cirkel wall light 01

As reported last week we sadly couldn’t make it to the opening of Cirkel by Daphna Laurens at Galerie Gosserez

Cirkel by Daphna and Laurens at Galerie Gosserez

Although we beef a lot about the amount of time we have to spend travelling to ensure that the (smow)blog

Dutch Design Week Onomatopee Copy Nature 2 Elementary Sentiments

During Dutch Design Week the Eindhoven based design platform Onomatopee is hosting an exhibition looking at ways of adding cultural

As with all furniture trade fairs IMM annually gives part of the floor space over to young, up and coming,

We must begin this post with a small confession. Something we were too scared to tell the good folks at