Workaround by Sofie Aschan Eriksson, Lund University School of Industrial Design. As seen at DMY Berlin 2016

We’re not going to claim that DMY Berlin 2016 was a vintage year, for us the 14th edition of the

June 2015 saw the DMY Berlin festival re-launch after the original organiser ran into financial difficulties; a re-launch which we

DMY Berlin 2015: H20 - Tea by induction by Marta Suslow

“Fancy a cup of tea?” “Oh, yes please! Thank you!” “OK, I’ll put the kettle on” “Troglodyte” Boiling water for

DMY Berlin 2015: FS Modular Shelving System by Philipp Beisheim

There is little in this world that brings us more pleasure than a good modular shelving system. We know that

Klein's Lamp by Lucien Dubuis

Customs are a form of social regulation. Love them or loath them customs allow us to form connections, to find

DMY Berlin 2015: Splitting Wood by Bastian Austermann

The first thing any carpentry apprentice does is build their own wooden toolbox. It makes sense. You’re learning to work

Fish Futures by Martí Guixé, as seen at Pet Market, Galerie erstererster, Berlin

Much as we adore our pets they can be troublesome. Be it the cat the refuses to move from your

DMY Berlin 2015 The Shrinking Office Project by Roy Yin

As we have often noted in these pages, a combination of increasing automation, advancing technology, the changing nature of industry

Structural Skin New material by Jorge Penades, as seen at DMY Berlin 2015

When making biscuits, after having cut out the required shapes you invariably have a lot of dough left over, dough


In context of DMY 2015 the Berlin/Beijing based cultural exchange association Migrant Birds are presenting the exhibition Modern Fossils, a

BLOW vases by Ruben der Kinderen, as seen at Contemporary Creation Processes in Design at DAD Galerie Berlin

As we believe we’ve said before, and assume we will repeat in the future, contemporary Dutch design is largely, though


As previously reported, the company DMY Berlin GmbH & Co. KG, who for the past decade or so has run

DMY Berlin 2014 Clair Obscure by Fischer Weidenmüller Unterberg

What you see used to be what you got. However our modern world offers a plethora of viewing possibilities, and

Berlin Design Week STANDBY Vom Leben mit Geräten at the Werkbundarchiv Museum der Dinge Berlin Schlüssel des Wissens Ly Nguyen

As the new exhibition Die Form ist nur Teil des Ganzen at the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus Bremen makes very clear,

Pascal Howe VDI 2860 at the DMY Design Gallery Berlin Music

Standing in the shadow of his gargantuan lamp, “The Worker”, Pascal Howe is well aware of how easily his work

DMY Design Gallery Berlin Birgit Severin Lifetimes

Until April 16th the DMY Design Gallery Berlin is presenting the exhibition “Lifetimes” by Berlin based designer Birgit Severin. The

Refugium Berlin as a Design Principle at DMY 2013

As part of DMY Berlin 2013 the Belgian design critic, curator, journalist and lecturer Max Borka organised the exhibition “Refugium.

DMY Berlin 2013

Design arithmetic is very simple: June + Berlin = DMY And since Wednesday evening DMY Berlin 2013 is in full

DMY Berlin Awards and Jury Selection 2012 Bauhaus Archiv Berlin

Ever since DMY Berlin inaugurated their “Three from Ten” Awards in 2009 the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin has honoured the nominees

Among the most innovative exhibition concepts we saw at DMY 2011 was that from the Holland based Portuguese design platform

DMY Berlin may have been a few weeks ago, but the warm memories remain. And as we were sorting through

The Top 5 chairs from the smow design spring. In no particular order. We lie: there is a slight order.

The Top 5 Lamps from the smow design spring. In no particular order. Kete by David Turnbridge. One of the

We at (smow)blog we have often mentioned Vitras Net’n’Nest office design concept – one the one hand because we like

The International Design Festival Berlin is over, but the pleasing afterglow remains. In particular through joys such as that presented