(smow)abseits: LADAR by Wohngold

DMY Berlin may have been a few weeks ago, but the warm memories remain. And as we were sorting through the piles of info material we gathered in Kreuzberg we came across a postcard from Wohngold.

And like a remiss lover returning from a holiday fling, instantly felt a pang of guilt as we saw the card and were reminded of that wonderful time at DMY Youngsters.

Why hadn’t we responded since our return? Did it all mean so little?

For the truth is that LADAR by Wohngold is a truly wonderful product in an area of product design with a lot of competition.

In our modern world we rely heavily on mobile items, and happily ignore the fact that the majority of mobile items occasionally need to be recharged or otherwise attached to cables.  Most of us ignore this fact in that we ignoring the piles of spaghetti that accumulate on or near our desks.

But we all know its wrong.

There are a number of “boxes” on the market designed to help you control the uncontrollable, but what we like about LADAR is the fact that it is wall mountable, the space on top and inside can be used for storage of non-electrical items and it looks fantastic.

We were honestly greatly taken with the ingenious simplicity of  LADAR – and so apologies that we haven’t sent you card since our return.

LADAR by Wohngold...

LADAR by Wohngold...

...its like catching snakes in abox

...its like catching snakes in a box

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