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Although we rarely have reason to blow our own trumpets, we do regularly have cause to sound our colleagues veritable

This coming Tuesday – 09 Feb – sees the opening of one of our favourite furniture events. The Stockholm Furniture

DMY Berlin may have been a few weeks ago, but the warm memories remain. And as we were sorting through

As we stood looking at some mighty fine, but horribly over-carved, wooden furniture at the Salone in Milan a female

The so called “Barcelona Chair” by German architect and designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is without question one of

Although the rumour persists that we only travel to trade fairs and exhibitions so that we can impress people in

If we’re honest we’ve never understood TED … and probably never will. Which is cool. And regradless of, and in

The Top 5 chairs from the smow design spring. In no particular order. We lie: there is a slight order.

Just in time for the official start of the balcony reading season in Northern Europe, (smow) is proud to announce

Lets get the tricky one out the way first. The Top 5 Tables from the smow design spring. In no

Your (smow)blog team didn’t become the internationally feared and monitored crew we are simply because we travel the world fearlessly

Before we start slowing down and head outdoors to enjoy the summer we want to take the opportunity over the