new at smow: Thonet outdoor

Although the rumour persists that we only travel to trade fairs and exhibitions so that we can impress people in bars with phrases such as “Last week in New York…” or “For me the real beauty of Milan is…“, in truth we do do a little work.

And the fruits of that work can be seen, for example, in the ever expanding (smow)collection.

And punctually to the start of The Ashes season we can now offer the extended Thonet outdoor range; quite possibly the most stylish furniture for sitting in the garden and listening to TMS or follow Aggers on Twitter.

The Thonet S 43, for example, is Mart Stam’s 1931 classic in a weather-proof teak veneered beach finish, and  a wonderful location in which to sit back on a summers afternoon with a good book and well tuned radio. Set it beside the S 1043 table and you not only have a wonderful visual symmetry, but a place to rest your sandwiches and lemonade between overs.

And because we all know the summer can’t last for ever, smow also stock the outrageously stylish and cheeky Thonet S 333 sledge.

You can find more information on the Thonet Outdoor collection at Thonet, and the complete range can be purchased through

S43 and S1043from Thonet

S43 and S1043 from Thonet

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