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smow am rhein: Richard Lampert

January 21st, 2010

Richard Lampert promised a celebration of Herbert Hirche’s 100th birthday here in Cologne; and in the end could “present” the late Prof. Hirche with an award for “Classic Innovation” in the 2010 Interior Innovation Awards.

Interior Innovation Award 2010 presented to Richard Lampert

Interior Innovation Award 2010 presented to Richard Lampert

The jury, featuring amongst others the Milan based British designer James Irvine and the London based Japanese designer Tomoko Azumi,  selected Hirche’s 1957 “GFK Schalensessel für die Interbau Berlin” ( a fibre glass armchair Hirche created for the 1957 “Interbau” exhibition in Berlin) as one of the best examples of classic innovation here at the IMM.

Not that the chair is in anyway a bare fibre glass creation a la the Eames A-shell.

Hirche’s chair originally came with a lush green valour, and it is true to this version that Richard Lampert have re-introduced the piece. In addition the GFK Armchair is available with anthracite valour or leather upholstery. A version with a “bare” back is also in development.

Herbert Hirche Lounge Chair

Herbert Hirche Lounge Chair

With the obvious nods to the likes of Charles Eames, Finn Juhl or any other of Hirche’s contemporaries the GFK armchair is obviously a piece from a specific time in design history; but just like the best designer furniture it remains a piece that has it’s place in an time or space.

We remain undiluted fans of Hirche’s 1953 Lounge Chair, but in the GFK Armchair see further verification of Herbert Hirche’s role and importance in the context of German design.

Egon Eiermann Paravent

Egon Eiermann Paravent

In addition to celebrating Herbert Hirche, Richard Lampert also presented some new products from their Egon Eiermann range; including Eiermann’s 1968 room divider – that once elegantly screened the seating areas in the Bundestag in Bonn – and some upholstery for the E 10 rattan chair.

Ours are covered in vegan sheep skins – as you’d expect – but we do know a few people who would appreciate a properly crafted cushion for their E 10. And so good to see Richard Lampert offering the option.

And congratulations on the award.

Herbert Hirche GFK Schalensessel fur die Interbau Berlin ... and the master can relax

Herbert Hirche GFK Schalensessel fur die Interbau Berlin ... and the master can relax

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