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Stockholm Design Week: 20 designers at BIOLOGISKA

February 11th, 2011

At the risk of repeating ourselves – one of the main reasons to visit a design week is the chance it offers to visit locations that one otherwise probably wouldn’t.

And we’ve had some truly wonderful experiences: but only a few that top 20 designers at BIOLOGISKA.

Officially Biologiska is a natural history museum.


Based on the form of traditional Norwegian stave churches the quaint if unassuming exterior cannot, simply cannot, prepare the visitor for what is inside.

Climbing the wondrous wooden staircase you slowly enter the animal kingdom…..

….. a 360 degree diarama creating a range of natural environments populated by stuffed animals and all beautifully offset by the wood and brass fittings in the viewing room.

Just awesome.

We’re not big on taxidermy, we’re really not – but Biologiska isn’t about taxidermy.

Its about the installation.

And for Stockholm Design Week the designers Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche have expanded the installation with the work of 20 young designers.

The works are not only displayed in the spaces within the Biologiska building but have also been playfully included in the diorama.

For some it may make the objects more art than products; however, we’re not so priggish and generally approve of everything that makes the process of getting to know a piece of design as easy, entertaining and enjoyable as possible.

Which is something Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche have certainly managed with 20 designers at BIOLOGISKA.

Over the next week or two we will focus a little more one or two of the designers featured  – but for now a few photos.

20 designers at BIOLOGISKA sadly only runs until February 12th – but after that date a visit to Biologiska is definitely worth it.




Inside BIOLOGISKA - the best Stockholm Design Week location

MWC by Florian Hauswirth at 20 designers at Biologiska

MWC by Florian Hauswirth at 20 designers at Biologiska

One for the birds: Lift by Mark Braun, 20 Designers at Biologiska

One for the birds: Lift by Mark Braun, 20 designers at Biologiska

Succession by 20 Designers at Biologiska co-curator Fredrik Farg

Succession by 20 designers at Biologiska co-curator Fredrik Farg

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