World Furniture Day 2012

Although it would be wrong to say that we misled you in saying that there would be no Moormann furniture at IMM Cologne.

There was one piece.

A brave, young Strammer Max

Not in Cologne however as representative of his designer or producer, but as the Global Ambassador of an idea so genial, so eye wateringly simple, so necessary, that we’re more than a little twisted with jealousy at not having thought it up ourselves: World Furniture Day.

Looking to put the fun back into furniture the forces behind World Furniture Day are overseeing a number of events on Sunday January 22nd to help us rediscover the bond between us and our furnishings.

Because, despite what the thousands of “trend researchers” currently combing their way through IMM Cologne looking for something, anything, to proclaim as “The” trend for autumn 2012 may say; furniture isn’t about trends and continual new collections.

Aspects of the furniture industry may want us to believe it is because they calculate that by convincing us that furniture is just fashion you can sit on they can increase their profits.

These people are charlatans.

Furniture is a life-long commitment. Not a weekend of lust until something fresher comes along.

The twin highlights of the inaugural World Furniture Day are a “Chair Slam” in Berlin and a Furniture Flashmob in Cologne. In the first the public are invited to bring along their chair and convince the public why there chair is the best.

And in the second the organisers invite us all to bring a chair to Cologne City Centre, and create a “Pop-up Living Room” next to the Cathedral.


But of course all are invited to organise their own, local, event and to celebrate as they wish.
And if not this year. Then maybe next.

Because speaking to the good Strammer Max it was clear that World Furniture Day will become an annual celebration of all that is good, fun and personal in furniture.

Or important might be a shorter way of putting it. And that the plans for World Furniture Day 2013 are well underway.

Fuller details and background information on World Furniture Day 2012 can be found at


world furniture day 2012 imm cologne

World Furniture Day 2012 representative Strammer Max in the IMM Cologne Press Room


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