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One of the biggest challenges facing product designers in coming years will undoubtedly be the question of planned obsolescence.

For while we genuinely believe that the majority of designers understand their responsibilities in terms of sustainability and resources, we also know that most designers understand their responsibilities to help their clients generate profit.

Finding the correct balance wont be easy. But it must be found.

Perhaps the most distressing example of planned obsolescence is the chocolate filled advent calendar.

Whereas in days of yore one could, if one was especially careful, re-use an advent calendar over several festive periods…. an eaten chocolate cannot be replaced.

At least not yet. We have high hopes that before too long chocolate advent calenders will be sold in conjunction with 3D printers, thus allowing one to recreate the consumed, savoured, snowman, boot and/or tree.

And so to do our bit to support the global design community find new approaches to more socially responsible chocolate filled advent calendars…. we are re-using our 2012 Design Advent Calendar.

The delights behind each door remaining as fresh, contemporary, and frankly delicious, as they were 12 months ago.

It seems therefore wasteful and irresponsible to produce a new version.

The full 2013 (smow) blog Design Advent Calendar can be found, already opened, at www.pinterest.com/smowblog/design-advent-calendar/

A few impressions of what awaits you…..

Design Advent Calendar Napoleon Eames House Bird

Christmas Gnome Napoleon bids farewell to the Eames House Bird….

Design Advent Calendar Napoleon Thonet

…. awaits Santa on his S 43 Classic by Mart Stam through Thonet….

Design Advent Calendar Napoleon Kartell

…..using his Componibili as a Christmas Tree holder…..

Design Advent Calendar Napoleon Cobb Grill

…. and enjoying his Christmas Dinner courtesy of his Cobb Grill.

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