smow Blog #campustour 2017 Bingo

Throughout June and July well be touring Europe in context for our 2017 #campustour.

By way of an accompaniment, we thought it would be an opportune moment for a game of bingo.

For who doesn’t love bingo?

Welcome to smow Blog #campustour Bingo (photo by via

Welcome to smow Blog #campustour Bingo (photo by vcheregati, via

As regular, more loyal, readers will be aware, we have a very limited vocabulary, and thus the few words we do use provide the perfect base for smow blog Bingo.

The rules are very simple, below you will find 8 bingo cards, each with 12 words/phrases. Every player takes a card and when a word/phrase on your card appears in a #campustour post, score if off. The first to score off all words wins!

And what do you win?

That’s up to you. We provide the game, you provide the prizes. But as a bit of relaxed summer fun amongst friends, family, crew or colleagues, a piece of cake and/or a cheeky mid-week gin would appear the civilised and appropriate reward. But whatever you decide it would be very pleasing if the winners could announce themselves on the smow facebook page, and thus allow us all to share in your moment of glory. For small as it may be, it may be the only moment of glory you ever experience!

All words have an equal chance of appearing, as we say, our vocabulary is very limited, indeed several words will invariably appear in the same post.

Good luck!

2017 smow blog campus tour bingo

smow Blog #campustour 2017 Bingo (Click to open the pdf file)

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