Apart from the chance to peruse and consider the collections and new products of and from a wide variety of manufacturers and labels, one of the real joys of visiting any furniture fair is the opportunity it allows to observe designers in conversation with manufacturers and labels. For all in pairings that currently don’t formally exist. We never eavesdrop on such conversations, that would be rude, and to overplay our prowess as spies; but we do enjoy imagining what may arise from those conversations, imagining the enthralling objects and brave new world that awaits us all.

A brave new world that far from being a refuge from our contemporary world in many regards helps sharpen our focus on the contemporary world that surrounds us, the collections and new products of and from a wide variety of manufacturers and labels laid out for our consideration and perusal.

New products that may have begun as an informal conversation on a trade fair stand. And now look where that’s developed…..

And so, and with our customary caution that we have invariably missed one or the other gem, which in this case we know we did, but which we plan to make up for later, an IMM Cologne 2020 High Five!!

IMM Cologne 2020: High Five!!

IMM Cologne 2015 ess.tee.tisch t-6500 Horgenglarus

In our post on the Drawers Table by 45 Kilo for My Kilos we noted “any product that can appear

ess.tee.tisch t-6500 by Jürg Bally updated by Daniel Hunziker through Horgenglarus at Werkbund Berlin Galerie

As previously noted the Werkbund Berlin Galerie is currently hosting an exhibition devoted to the ess.tee.tisch t-6500 from Swiss manufacturer Horgenglarus.

ess.tee.tisch t-6500 Jürg Bally Daniel Hunziker Horgenglarus

“It helps you save a considerable amount space, then it is a dinning table and a tea table in one.

IMM Cologne 2013 Horgenglarus Classic Icon

In March 2012 we wrote about the Depot Basel show “Seats” which included a section devoted to the “Take a