smow in Milan: Philippe Starck on Kartell and democtratic design

One of the principle advantages of trade fairs such as Salone or ICFF is the unrivalled access to producers, products and for all designers.

Whereas furniture producers like to strut around, boldly announcing news of their latest coups; designers are generally typified by a preference for quiet isolated studios, and a reluctance to leave their natural habitat.

At trade fairs, however, the designers appear, blinking and staring into the spotlight. And are generally remarkably friendly and docile.

One of the more interesting discussions we experienced in Milan was with french designer Philippe Starck. One of the more prolific characters in the design world, Starck has created products for companies as diverse as Puma and Microsoft, designed the interior of Eurostar trains and even created a wind turbine. However despite his wide canvas, Starck is probably most closely associated with Italian designer furniture producer Kartell: Products such as Dr No, Prince Aha and Mr. Impossible already being established design classics.  At Salone in Milan Starck spoke at great length about his work and his relationship with Kartell; below is small snippet where Starck discusses plastic and democratic design. (A quick editorial note – the video was shot by one of the newcomers to the (smow)blog team, who, in their youthful excitement, forgot to note who was asking the questions. Apologies to the colleague concerned, and if we identify you we will of course credit you)

The full video with Philippe Starck, and indeed all videos, can be viewed in the official (smow)blog youtube channel.

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