Whereas in years past we would have just blithely stated that January, as ever, saw us in Cologne for IMM

The White City - Tel Aviv's Modern Movement at the Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki

Fate may have been hard on February by abstractly depriving it of its rightful quotient of days, taunting it indeed

philippe starck portrait Jean-Baptiste Mondino

A few years ago the (smow) blog telephone rang….. “Good morning is it possible to speak to Philippe Starck please?”

After the strenuous match against Alexander Girard, France decided to rest Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for the match against Eero

You know how it is. You arrive early in the office….. Make a coffee….. Turn the computer on…….. Check out

The undisputed highlight of the Kartell stand at Saloni Milano 2009 was the cat and mouse game with the special

Having sold everything, including our kidneys and the neighbours cat, we can finally afford to pay for a hotel in

There is little doubt as to who the most popular furniture producers with the exhibitors here in Köln are…. Vitra

Italian design is, if we all close our eyes for a minute or two and be brutally honest, a lot

Today is World Usability Day. We do admit to be being more than a touch sceptical about the motivations that

One of the classic rules of furniture design is the product must look good, must look appealing. What, however, if

It’s Dumfries Show on Saturday. That won’t mean much to the most people, but for us it is a sure

Our (smow)twitter recently brought our attention to an article at worldchanging.com about what the author termed “Heirloom Design” In the

Not good As everyone know everything in America is bigger. Everything. From bagels the size of Jupiter to the level

There may be no tables in the press room, but there are plenty to be found at ICFF… Eiermann 1

One of the principle advantages of trade fairs such as Salone or ICFF is the unrivalled access to producers, products

Two days sun and we at the (smow)blog are already trying to convince the (smow)boss to let us work from

Shameless self-congratulation – but what the hey! The current German edition of Cosmopolitan (April 2009) contains a wonderful recommendation for

At smow we have a particular soft spot for Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and so it is especially pleasing that

Last week the (smow)team made their annual pilgrimage to the CeBIT communications and IT trade fair in Hannover – not

Design awards. They’re funny things. Sometimes one has the feeling that behind every tree and round every corner a design

Within the next 48 hours all christmas presents must be bought. Or else it’s back to writing vouchers for your

Occasionally, just occasionally a curious glance at the price of a piece of designer furniture is enough to take your

The first snow of the years has fallen, the Christmas window displays are finished and the nervous hunt for the