new at smow: Strammer Max by Max Frommeld for Moormann

There are very few major designer furniture producers who are prepared to risk truly inventive design.

The exception, as in so many facets of the industry, is Nils Holger Moormann.

Although the basic look and feel of Moormann furniture rarely changes, the functionality and conceptual basis always does.

Strammer Max

Strammer Max by Max Frommeld for Moormann

And with Strammer Max, Max Frommeld has helped Moormann, once again, move the borders of what is acceptable in designer furniture.

Who else would even consider a design that requires using a rolled-up newspaper, a wooden spoon or an old bit lead piping as the central stability factor?

No one that’s who.

But for Moormann such makes sense, is normal and helps bind the user with the product. If you like it transforms “mass produced” article into a truly individual piece.

To assemble Strammer Max one simply slots the three outer plywood elements together, fit the crossbar and rope and then wind up the rope until the tension is sufficient to ensure stability. An untreated ash stave is included in the delivery; however, the point is that you can choose your own stave – be it a newspaper, a wooden spoon or any other element that is long and sturdy enough.

Visually reminiscent of Max Bill’s classic Ulmer Hocker, Strammer Max brings that touch outdoor adventure to your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Launched by Moormann at the 2009 Saloni Milano, Strammer Max is now available from (smow) in red, black or white.

Strammer Max

You choose the look...

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