ICFF 2010 : Call for entries

With the clocks all across Europe preparing to be turned back an hour and so cast us all into that unlit world so beloved of poets, painters and cat burglars; a ray of light comes from the US of A.

The organisers of the 2010 ICFF have issued a call for entries for the ICFF Studio and ICFF Design School.

We had a fantastic time at ICFF in 2009 and are thoroughly looking forward to returning to the Big Apple in May 2010.

And so, by way of supporting and helping the organisers of ICFF we would like to take a couple of minutes to offer a couple of tips to those planning entering for either the ICFF Studio or the ICFF Design School.

For the ICFF Studio the organisers invite submissions of product prototypes from designers working on any and all the product categories exhibited at the ICFF. The selected entries will then be displayed in a group area at the ICFF.

Now we’re not sure if we mentioned it in our posts from NYC, but one of the weak points of the ICFF is the dearth of tables. That might be a way to wake the organisers interest. Ideally the table should be large enough to support a laptop with enough space for a couple of professional journalists to sit next to it and promote the designers, producers and retailers who have paid to be included in the ICFF. A second advantage would be if the design was sturdy enough to support the uncouth handling by the ham-fisted unionised workforce at the Javits Centre; otherwise the filigree design may find itself spending four days in a store room because its too “complicated” to risk the wrath of the ham-fisted unionised workforce by getting replacement tables from one of the highly professional designer furniture producers at the ICFF.

The colour is not so important.

Entries for the ICFF design School can be made by all design schools hoping to receive a place at the ICFF. Entries must hold a description of a topic, a singular concept with original products and prototypes, designed by students to be exhibited at the ICFF.

Again here we can make us e of our experience of the hard reality at North Americas premier contemporary furniture show.

If you feel tempted to try your luck, the closing date for both events is January 15th.

The closing date for Table Fights 2010 will inevitably be 10 minutes before the start…….

iglooplay at ICFF - and the closest we got to a table all week....

iglooplay at ICFF - and the closest we got to a table all week....

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