(smow)abseits: Vitra photographs by Bart van Bussel

From experience we can confirm that photographing furniture is not the easiest job in the world.

And getting a picture that captures the spirit and functionality of the object is a true art.

And so we were all the more impressed when we stumbled across a series of photos of Vitra miniatures by Dutch photographer Bart van Bussel.

All we know about Bart is that he is a photographer, lives in Amsterdam and has more facebook friends than we do.

But we do know quite a lot about the chairs he has so magnificently captured on film, and can honestly say that Bart’s pictures capture the beauty of the items in a more genuine fashion than any other photos we have seen.

For the series Bart has photographed the miniature versions of Vitra classics such as the Panton Chair, Eames Lounge Chair or Vegetal, placed on the original chairs.
And the effect is immense.

When, for example, we look at the La Fonda image, we just want to curl our ageing fingers under the plastic shell and lift the 1:6 from the 1:1, while the EA 108 and the Vegetal image beautifully capture the charm of the full size versions.

But hey, judge for yourself, the full series can be found here.

We’re honestly not related to Bart and we don’t even know who commissioned the project or where he got all the items from.

But we don’t need to know that to enjoy such wonderfully constructed images.

Vitra LCW photographed by Bart van Bussel

Vitra LCW photographed by Bart van Bussel

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