Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler for Moormann. The Film.

If there is a chair on the market at the moment that better symbolises how complex simplicity in design is than Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler for Moormann. We want to see it.

At Milan 2011 Nils Holger Moormann told us of the literal and figurative mountain pass that had to be negotiated before Harry’s idea could be transformed into a market ready, mass producible product.

Then ahead of Milan 2012 Harry Thaler then told us about the long way from the original experiments with wood until he had the concept that won Nils’ heart.

Now we have the most delightful film documenting the creation of the prototype in a North London metal workshop.

We don’t believe Dieter Rams included “Good design is hard work” in his list of design principles. He might want to consider adding it……

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