While we’d all much rather physically visit architecture and design museums, our current enforced virtual patronage does allow us all an excellent opportunity to begin to understand architecture and design museums as more than just an exhibition space with shop and café, and to begin to learn to interact with them, and for all their collections, in new, proactive, manners. To understand architecture and design museums as tools as much as institutions.

And while a virtual visit can never replace a physical one, it can help us extenuate and expand our understandings and thereby allow us to take even more from that physical visit. And those physical visits will return.

Until then, volume two of our online recommendations takes you from your sofa to Berlin, Hamburg, Bloomfield Hills, Mumbai, München, and hopefully and awful lot further…..

5 Online Architecture & Design Exhibitions for May 2020

Thingness. Noun. [ˈthiŋ-nəs] The quality or state of objective existence or reality1

Thingness. Exhibition. [ˈthiŋ-nəs] A comprehensive Jasper Morrison retrospective currently on show at the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin.

Jasper Morrison. Thingness @ Bauhaus Archiv Berlin

LCS Perlon rep in the colours of LeCorbursier, free selected colour and quality variants (© design: Anker Teppiche, photo: Matthias Ritzmann)

Mild-mannered and polite as we are, we still occasionally find ourselves causing offence, arousing feelings of mild outrage and generally

bauhaus re use @ Bauhaus Archive Berlin

Given that Bauhaus is often perceived as having been an incubator for the creative talents of the 1920s, it is

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin Sammlung Bauhaus Werner Jackson puppets

Following the necessary disruption of their permanent exhibition to accommodate the recently ended exhibition Sensing the Future: László Moholy-Nagy, die

……and continued over Budapest and on to Berlin – where amongst other delights we partook of the exhibitions Sensing the

According to our pictorial review of March 2013 it was “a month of travelling: Stuttgart, Chemnitz, Weimar, Dessau….. its amazing

Sensing the Future Lászlo Moholy-Nagy die Medien und die Künste at Bauhaus Archiv Berlin

In his 1936 film “Modern Times” Charlie Chaplin is famously swallowed by the wheels of progress in a short yet

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin Wassily Kandinsky Lehrer am Bauhaus

Amid all the hype surrounding “Bauhaus Style”, “Bauhaus Classic” and “Bauhaus Design” it is often forgotten that Bauhaus was a

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin New Architecture Modern Architecture in Images and Books

Until June 10th the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin is presenting “New Architecture! Modern Architecture in Images and Books”, an exhibition devoted

With autum’s algid wind in our faces and the promise of mince pies and Glühwein in our tails we approached

A summer silly season with 360 degree product images and handmade bottle openers explaining the difference between craft and design

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin Mein Reklame Fegefeuer Herbert Bayer Werbegrafik 1928 1938

Until Monday February 24th 2014 the Bauhaus Archive Berlin is presenting the exhibition “Mein Reklame-Fegefeuer. Herbert Bayer. Werbegrafik 1928 –

5 New Design Exhibitions for November 2013 Patricia Urquiola und Rosenthal Landscape at Die Neue Sammlung Neues Museum für Kunst und Design Nürnberg Germany

As we are sure you will appreciate we tend to shy away from recommending anything we haven’t seen and/or tested

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin Poesie und Industrie Barbara Schmidt Porzellandesign

In our post “Wilhelm Wagenfeld Reviews Design for Use, USA” we quoted Wagenfeld’s assertion that “In the current age machines

DMY Berlin Awards and Jury Selection 2012 Bauhaus Archiv Berlin

Ever since DMY Berlin inaugurated their “Three from Ten” Awards in 2009 the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin has honoured the nominees

bauhaus art as life barbican art centre london

On May 3rd the exhibition “Bauhaus: Art as Life” opens at the Barbican Art Gallery London. Organised in co-operation with