Name: smow introducing Born: Leipzig, 2010 Alma mater: University of life Featured designers: Christoffer Martens Erik Wester Christian Lessing Eva

Villa Schöningen Potsdam Geblüt Positionen zum Design

With the haze that has been mercilessly hanging over Potsdam these last few days finally giving over to an unpleasant

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Where photographic evidence exists that indicates the possible existence of the Loch Ness monster or the Yeti, until recently no

Following on from Summaery at the Bauhaus University Weimar our summer tour 2011 took us on to Einblick at the

For their 2011 project the Berlin/Milan design group Transalpino chose to explore the “design” tradition that exists between their two

Name: Christoffer Martens Born: Bremen, 1975 Alma mater: Product Design, University of Applied Science, Potsdam Internships: Alfredo Häberli, Zürich Products:

The bed “Siebenschläfer” from the Moormann (Design: Christoffer Martens, 2007) is beloved for the simplicity with which it can be