As we believe we’ve noted before, the joy in that exhibition format in which designers present objects which are important and/or relevant to them, is that no matter how often it is repeated it is always new.

Same, same, but different.

For their 2017 show Dutch Invertuals are presenting collections of objects from 45 alumni which have an importance to/relevance for them, or which simply represent an object of wonder and inspiration to the relevant designer. And because it’s Dutch Invertuals they have taken things a step further and each collection is also the starting point for the development a personal container.

Exposing yourself and then using that as the basis for visibly enclosing yourself. A double encapsulation, If you will.

Dutch Invertuals - Fundamentals, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2017

Just as January means Cologne, April is Milan. And normally only Milan. In 2015 however we managed to spice things

101.86 black Thomas Vailly & Laura Lynn Jansen, as seen at Dutch Invertuals - Body Language, Milan Design Week 2015

As a general rule, what you don’t say is more important than what you do say: your body language famously

Such was the quality of the new products we saw during our autumn tour they kept us going well into

Dutch Design Week 2014 Dutch Invertuals Cohesion Wendy Plomp

Cohesion is a concept with which we are very familiar. Largely because it is a state we never achieve. Much

Feeds per minute by Raw Color, as seen at Dutch Invertuals - Happy Future, Milan 2014

Many people, if not peoples, could currently be forgiven for reacting somewhat sceptically to the notion of a “Happy Future”.

Milan 2012 Dutch Invertuals Untouchables Retouched

As we’ve already admitted the first time we saw a Dutch Invertuals exhibition we didn’t hang around very long. Since

For all in or near Paris this summer the Dutch Invertuals exhibition “Matter of time” is showing at Gallery S.Bensimon

Eindhoven is Philips. Eindhoven used to be much more Philips; but in course of the inevitable restructuring of the last

We must begin this post with a small confession. Something we were too scared to tell the good folks at