Partly for reasons of its size, and partly on account of the way the then nations of the contemporary Germany responded to the challenges and realities of late 19th/early 20th century industrialisation, Germany is home to a truly outrageous number of architecture and design schools, certainly more than it would be logical, prudent or congenial to pack into one post.

And so to save your nerves, and our fingers, we’ll present the German leg of our 2019 #campustour via a series of regional postings, starting in and around the German capital.

campustour 2019: Germany - Berlin & Brandenburg


The 18th century Prussian Monarch Friedrich der Große, or Alte Fritz – Old Fritz – as he is popularly known,

DMY Berlin 2014 Fachhochschule Potsdam formHOLZ woven veneer shoes by Tobias Jänicke

At DMY Berlin 2014 fifteen students from the Fachhochschule Potsdam are presenting the results of the seminar “formHOLZ” Run under

Berlin Design Week STANDBY Vom Leben mit Geräten at the Werkbundarchiv Museum der Dinge Berlin Schlüssel des Wissens Ly Nguyen

As the new exhibition Die Form ist nur Teil des Ganzen at the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus Bremen makes very clear,

With autum’s algid wind in our faces and the promise of mince pies and Glühwein in our tails we approached

Villa Schöningen Potsdam Geblüt Positionen zum Design

With the haze that has been mercilessly hanging over Potsdam these last few days finally giving over to an unpleasant

Following on from Summaery at the Bauhaus University Weimar our summer tour 2011 took us on to Einblick at the