Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Villa Tugendhat Brno

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” exclaims Anne Shirley in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 1908 novel

Bilbao am Spree Gehry Partners Tower Alexanderplatz Berlin

A week or so ago it was announced that Los Angeles based Gehry Partners had been selected to build a

All this looking at, talking about and writing about other people’s design, has left us yearning to get on with

Parallel to its exhibitions the Vitra Design Museum organises workshops designed not only to accompany the exhibitions but much more

The (smow)blog team outing to the cardboard furniture workshop was coupled with a visit to the current Vitra Design Museum

In conjunction with the current exhibition “The Essence of Things. Design and the Art of Reduction” the Vitra Design Museum

For people who spend most of their working lives sat at desks, publishers and authors have a frightening disregard for

When we were still young, fit and healthy, towns and cities existed. Just existed. These days in order to exist

Its a little known fact, but the printer in (smow)HQ sits atop a “Block” by Frank Gehry. And indeed in

On 03.11.1989 the Vitra Design Museum opened. On 09.11.1989 the Berlin Wall “fell”. Coincidence? Almost certainly. But while the Vitra

Idling on the internet the other day we inadvertently clicked on an advertisement. Fortunately. For the link took us to

Following the successful visit to USM Haller the (smow)team headed on to Basel and Vitra HQ. The contrast in the

We must say it is good to get back to the comfort of the Zona Tortona press room and an

One of the brightest stars in the glittering world of star architects celebrates today his 80th Birthday. Born in Toronto