According to Germanic folklore, A cold and wet June spoils the whole year.

For farmers possibly, but not for the rest of us, as a cold, wet June is a perfect excuse to visit an architecture or design exhibition, an experience that can only enrich and enliven and invigorate the rest of the not only your year, but your life.

Our recommendations for new showcases opening in June 2023 can be found in Värnamo, Ljubljana, East Lansing, Vienna and Ulm…….

5 New Architecture & Design Exhibitions for June 2023

Vienna Design Week 2014 Passionswege BCXSY J & L Lobmeyr

At the risk of starting a tradition we can’t maintain, and so ultimately leading us to disappoint a lot of

Vienna Design Week Passionswege J L Lobmeyr Wien

We traditionally start our Vienna Design Week Passionswege tour at J. & L. Lobmeyr. And it is always an appointment

The similarities between Vienna and Stockholm are not limited to the architecture per se. But also to the architects who

The first station on the 2010 Vienna Design Week Passionswege was “Reichtum. Wasser + Glas” by Berlin designer Mark Braun