V&A Museum London British Design 1948-2012 Innovation in the Modern Age architecture

At the end of March the V&A Museum London opened the exhibition “British Design 1948-2012. Innovation in the Modern Age”,

IMM Köln 2012 Richard Lampert Living Outdoor

Following on from last years “Kids Only” collection, Richard Lampert was/were back at Cologne 2012 with a collection of new

stockholm february 2011

On his 2009 album “Waxing Gibbous” Falkirk balladeer Malcolm Middleton included the song “Red Travellin’ Socks” a jaunty – if

Vitra Eames Elephants prepare to ambush nordic walking pensioners in Leipzig

The last couple of days have seen an endless stream of emails into the (smow)blog bunker asking if we are

We’re just a touch late with this one, but since July 22nd the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin has been

Giorgio by Peter Horn is the chair that almost never was. Having commissioned Horn to create a stackable multi-function chair,

As a Europe-wide active business we at smow take Europe very seriously. We must, it is our home. And naturally

There may be no tables in the press room, but there are plenty to be found at ICFF… Eiermann 1

Not good. For some reason which escapes us there are no tables in the press room. That’s NO TABLES IN

Despite Lufthansa’s best effort we made it back to Leipzig yesterday evening. We only hope our luggage will arrive this

In our entry on the designersblock showcase we mentioned a foldable cardboard chair that had caught our attention. Now we

In a recent article wired magazine presented their own take on the evolution of office furnishing. From the introduction of

Attractive, practical and child friendly furniture is rare; the new furniture series from Lampert is a welcome exception – not

At the imm in Cologne the German producer “Richard Lampert” once again proved that they can produce more than just

Within the next 48 hours all christmas presents must be bought. Or else it’s back to writing vouchers for your

To end 2008 some tips – and inspiration? – regarding some of the new products that will be gracing the smow