New by smow: Rattan furniture from Lampert and lamps from Artemide

To end 2008 some tips – and inspiration? – regarding some of the new products that will be gracing the smow selection in 2009. Sadly we can’t present all our new products here – because at this stage even we don’t know how the year will develop. However, by subscribing to the (smow)blog RSS feed or simply regularly visiting you won’t miss out.

Rattan chair from Lampert

Rattan chair from Lampert

The rattan furniture from Lampert is the perfect companion for the long winter months. In, for example, the wonderfully functional Rattan armchair E 10 burying yourself in your favorite book with a glass of herbal tea is even more of pleasure. The E10 is now available from smow either with or without a cushion. The accompanying rattan stool can be used as either seat or as a small table, depending on if you want company or a rather place for your tea and biscuits.

Both pieces are creations of the German designer and architect Egon Eiermann. He had a great affinity for rattan and in his youth even designed garage doors from the plant.

Dioscuri und Castore Davolo, Onfale

Dioscuri und Castore Davolo, Onfale

Artemide have a whole department who do nothing more than think up names for their lamps. They don’t really, but we at smow constantly wonder at that creativity that goes into their product  names. At we have stocked Artemide since day one, and our range recently increased through the inclusion of “Dioscuri Tavolo” . As one expects from Artemide the “Dioscuri Tavolo” is an impressive addition to any room that becomes even more impressive when on turns it one. Formed from thermoplastic resin the “Dioscuri Tavolo” is a stylish globe-shaped lamp which emits a wonderful light. It is available in a range of sizes.

“Castore Tavolo” is a table lamp from Artemide with an ingeneous dimmer in the base. Alternatively one can adjust the intensity by remote control. Part seventies futurism, part fungal spore, part stylized water droplet the “Castore Tavolo” adds that certain Je ne sais quoi to any room.

The table lamp  “Onfale” from Artemide is also characterized by its smokey, milky glass globe; a globe which ,like all the above, emits a a bright light. This classic mushroom shaped lamp is also available in a range of sizes.

New in the smow selection are in addition:

– from Lampert

Work chair Seesaw

Trolley Server

Stacking chair Giorgio

Lectern Milla

Children’s chair Turtle

Eiermann children’s table

Child’s roll container Fixx

– from Artemide

Table lamp Talak

Table lamp Tizio

Table lamp Tizio Plus

Table lamp Tizio Micro

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