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A Phaesporia; A bringer of light.

Celebrated as the salvation of design. Denounced as kitsch. Fresh & invigorating. Vain & hifalutin. A watershed in design history.

Passagen Cologne 2015 A&W Designer of the Year 2015 Michele De Lucchi The Exhibition

Much as we tend to shy away from “Designer of the Year” awards, the presentation of German architecture and design

Aside from the ability to accurately focus light, Richard Sapper had a further motivation in designing his Tizio lamp: “Another

Richard Sapper Tizio Artemide

With the winter solstice behind us and the days growing noticeably longer, the Vitra Design Museum exhibition Lightopia draws slowly

The biggest April fool is…. us, for always going to Milan! That said, as ever, we did find a few

Milan Design Week 2013 Empatia by Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Paola di Arianello for Artemide

As it was our first event of Milan Design Week 2013, we’re honouring Artemide with the first post from Milan

smow designer office furniture package

As any one who has celebrated as many birthday’s as us knows – there comes a point in every life

Luddites! Not a phrase normally associated with (smow) To the best of our knowledge no (smow)employee has ever smashed an

Last summer we spent our annual holiday weekend in a small museum in the north of England discussing the life

For 26 years James Irvine has been quietly and unassumingly influencing European industrial design. Immediately after graduating from the London

We’re not in New York for ICFF this year. Last year was just toooooo traumatic… Which is a shame because

9th February 2010, Brussels Under the motto “Think before you Post” the from the EU funded  Safer Internet Day 2010

G’day! What with all the excitement about the new iSlate, we missed Australia Day yesterday. And so wanted to use

To celebrate their 50th birthday the German furnishings magazine “Schöner Wohnen” have produced a small book entitled “Das Buch der

It’s Dumfries Show on Saturday. That won’t mean much to the most people, but for us it is a sure

It must be a summer thing. Not only are our newspapers and magazines full of authors recommending their chums books,

Although we’ll probably always have problems with design and branding Awards, we do appreciate the value and importance that many

Not good As everyone know everything in America is bigger. Everything. From bagels the size of Jupiter to the level

In local parlance Greene Street, NYC is known as “West smow”, on account of the prevalence of high-quality designer furniture

Sometimes we get the feeling no one really wants us here in Leipzig. Not that we are complaining – or

We’ve previously stated our quiet dissatisfaction with awards ceremonies and for all there omnipresence. But love ’em or loath ’em

In a recent article wired magazine presented their own take on the evolution of office furnishing. From the introduction of

Design awards. They’re funny things. Sometimes one has the feeling that behind every tree and round every corner a design

To end 2008 some tips – and inspiration? – regarding some of the new products that will be gracing the smow