(smow) intern: Designer Office Furniture Package

As any one who has celebrated as many birthday’s as us knows – there comes a point in every life where you’re just not prepared to compromise on quality any more.

Be it your car, your choice of airline, your hair cut.

Or your office chair.

When starting out in life the vast majority of us put up with cheap, uncomfortable office chairs because its easier.

We know the quality isn’t brilliant. But we’re compromising

The same can be said for desks, desk lamps and filing cabinets.

Those days could soon have an end. (smow) are now offering a complete workspace at an exclusive package price.

The (smow) designer office furniture package – or the “Compromise Was Yesterday Kit” as we’re unofficially calling it in the blog team den – comprises a USM desk, USM Haller roll container, Vitra office chair and an Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo desk lamp.

The individual elements can be mixed and matched to meet your requirements; and regardless of what you choose the package price will come in at circa 8% lower than buying the items individually.

And if all items are in stock, you could be enjoying your new quality designer workspace within a matter of days.

Which is easier, more satisfying and ultimately better value for money than hiring a van and driving to an out of town warehouse…..

Full details can be found at www.smow.com/office-package.html

smow designer office furniture package

A possible combination of USM, Vitra and Artemide (Industrial staircase not included!)

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